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   It goes without saying that Makeover Momma is obsessed with wearing full-body sunscreen year round… but protecting your skin in both rain or shine (like mothers Elle Mcpherson and Naomi Watts, above) is equally important. If you’re short on time (and aren’t most of us?), try multi-tasking by combining a facial lotion with sunscreen every morning to prevent wrinkles, protect skin and even reverse signs of damage.

   This product is perfect for any momma who needs to brighten their skin tone (with soft, light reflecting particles), sooth the skin and protect against UVA and UVB rays (but doesn’t have the time or money for multiple facials). Plus, it lasts a really long time!

   If you simply can’t avoid that “just bronzed” look, try faking it with a sunless tanner for the face which also contains SPF. Jergen’s latest facial formula is oil-free, approved by the Skin Cancer Foundation and will help gradually increase your natural tan.

   It may be expensive for a lot of mommas, but this powerful, potent product is worth the extra savings (and can still be purchased at any local drugstore). We love anything that has SPF 30 and helps hydrate wrinkles to make skin look younger…

   If you have already seen the damaging effects of the sun (or simply want to work magic on a speckled or uneven complexion), check out Garnier’s lotion (and eye cream) for daily sun protection (plus, it’s filled with antioxidants and potent ingredients to promote cell renewal). Doesn’t that just sound cool?

*All product suggestions at Makeover Mommacan be purchased at your local Wal-Mart, Target, drugstore, or online at www.drugstore.com.

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