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The Nutrition Momma:Elisabeth Hasselbeck

How She Eats: We at Makeover Momma frequently recommend allergen-free recipes and food tips, to accommodate all sorts of mom and baby needs. Expectant mom Elizabeth Hasselbeck (pregnant with baby number three) follows a strictly gluten-free diet because of her battle with celiac disease, and has recently published a book titled The G Free Diet.

  According to Elizabeth, she eats a wide variety of prepared gluten-free products (to avoid stress when there is no time to cook) and watches calories by controlling her portions. Steal her tips (when you’re not pregnant) for staying lean and strong…

Do It Yourself:

* Skip snack bars or sugary soft drinks, and go for high-protein bars instead. Elizabeth is a big fan of Think Thin bars (read our review here), which help curb chocolate cravings…while minimizing calories.

* Find easy ways to get your nutrients, like whipping up healthy smoothies at home(Elizabeth prefers fresh fruit, flax-seeds and almond milk) or choosing frozen meals when you’re in a rush (it’s always better than high calorie take-out or vending machine snacking). Try gluten-free options like Amy’s Organic or Glutino brand meals (especially if they are under 400 calories), and add a salad for additional nutrients.

* Choose lean proteins whenever possible (she favors tuna, steak or turkey for lunch and dinner) and pair with healthy amounts of produce (like fruit or grilled veggies).Keep things simple by making egg white omelette’s with plenty of greens for breakfast, or snacking on unsalted nuts throughout the day.

* If you don’t need to cut gluten products out of your diet (but want the health benefits of leaner fare), simply try choosing whole grain ingredients whenever possible.Simply cut back on processed carbohydrates by using brown rice, quinoa or whole-grain pasta, and leaving sandwiches open faced.
Speak Up: What is the craziest thing you’ve ever cut out of your diet? Is there anything you continue to eliminate?

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