Eating In Can Help You Slim Down (And Be Eco-Friendly): Double Duty Diet

Foodie moms like Padma Lakshmi (and raw food fan Demi Moore) eat healthy and help the environment…

Want to more about how weighing your food, can help you lose weight? Corey went the extra mile and decided to weigh her excess waste (all that eco-destroying, planet-polluting stuff we call take out), and see how it adds up…

“I have a girl crush. Cathy Erway blows my mind with her blog Not Eating Out In New York and her new memoir/cookbook “The Art of Eating In”. In her book Cathy does a pretty cool experiment where she weighs take-out waste and compares the waste produced cooking at home. Think about it- how many napkins, sporks, and soy-sauce packets do you have in your kitchen “junk-drawer”? I pulled out my Eat Smart Precision Pro scale (oh yes, I actually use stuff in the Makeover Momma shop!) and replicated a similar experiment:

* Waste produced ordering a Large Mushroom Papa John’s Pizza (box, napkins, garlic sauces, peppers)= 5.25 grams

* Waste produced making a pizza at home with mushrooms (packaging for dough, sauce, cheese, garlic, mushrooms, and basil)= 1.36 grams

So in short: less waste, less calories, less “dough” ($17 for the take out, $9 to make at home)…Just food for thought, mommas. Another little nugget of wisdom to ponder the next time you reach for a take out menu, children who do not see their parents cook at home are less likely to cook for themselves as an adult. Each meal you cook for your family becomes a meal that your children will cook for your grandchildren as a parent themselves (metaphorically).

Time for your own experiment? University of Michigan researchers examining almost 1,300 sixth graders who either brought lunch from home or bought lunch at school found that the kids who bought lunch were more likely to be obese than the kids who brown-bagged it. Of the children they studied, 38.8 percent of kids who bought lunches were obese, versus 24.4 percent of kids who brought their lunches from home. So momma, grab your scale, figure out the waste of brown bagging your loved ones lunch vs. having them eat out and let Makeover Momma know the results! (And during naptime, pick up Cathy Erway’s The Art Of Eating In!)

Be sure to stay tuned next week when Corey interviews the amazing blogger and food guru Cathy Erway herself (and oh yeah, Corey’s girl crush).

* Admit It: Have you ever tried to eat in for a long period of time?

Written by Corey Vincent Holmes: Senior Editor on Makeover Momma; Wasty Cakes blogger.

Credit: © People

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