Eat Low Calorie Snacks Like Nia Long and Kate Beckinsale — $5 Buy

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The Buy: We know that Laughing Cow Light wedges have been a favorite of savvy dieters and moms for years (like low calorie eaters, Nia Long and Kate Beckinsale), but we continue to find new ways to use them. Whether melting (with a little almond or skim milk in a pan) to make a creamy cheese sauce (for healthy, whole-grain or gluten-free pasta), spreading on rice cakes for an insanely low-calorie snack, or simply eating on the run… each light wedge averages 50 to 30 calories with plenty of favor.

The Price: $3.00

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* Do you eat cheese? If so, how do you make it fit into your healthy lifestyle?

*All meal suggestions at Makeover Momma™ will include allergen information and suggestions for children with allergies, celiac disease, or additional health concerns. The above snack is gluten-free.

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