Eat Healthy Over The Holidays Like Jessica Alba and Halle Berry: New Momma No Brainer

Do you feel like it’s impossible to eat healthy over the holidays? We documented the journey of trying to make wise choices at large, seasonal dinner…so steal these tips and tricks for cutting calories, making better decisions (and still enjoying yourself).

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Moms like Jessica Alba and Halle Berry admit to chowing down over the holiday season…do you?

* Cut Calories: It’s important to cut calories where you can in a large, holiday meal, so skip the “extra’s” that aren’t your favorite. Pass on fatty toppings and dressings whenever possible (that means no butter, extra salad dressing, and a smaller serving of gravy), and keep starchy sides (like macaroni and cheese, potatoes or anything fried) to a minimum.

* Make Better Choices: Make the staples of your plate be the “minimalists” of the group (and center everything else around those). For example, seek out vegetables as close to their natural state as possible, solid potatoes, salad, lean turkey and chicken, or even whole wheat bread.

* Enjoy Yourself: When in doubt, always remember to balance your meals around your “worthwhile treat” (aim for 80% of your plate to be healthier items, with the last 10-20% being fun, decadent treats).

* Speak Up: What is your “trick” to eating healthier at a large, holiday dinner?

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