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Unless you are celebrity momma Angelina Jolie (who isn’t afraid to let her kids eat junk food), the holiday season may leave a heavy weight on your shoulders, pocketbooks, and (let’s face it) waist lines. It can seem overwhelming learning how to avoid the abundance of Halloween candy or seasonal baked goods during the October month, but remembering this simple Makeover Momma acronym can help ease your stress.

Always Remember…. PUMPKIN!

  • Purchase candy that you don’t like for Trick or Treaters. Try only buying items you won’t be tempted to eat, so that the candy hanging around your house won’t be of interest.
  • Unlock your creativity, and try eating healthier versions of your favorite treats. Purchase 100 calorie versions of your favorite candies (like M&M’s or chocolate) and eat those Halloween night instead.
  • Memorize “a holiday is only one day”. Enjoy a few candy treats with your children or spouse, but then move on (it will not be the last time you eat candy…trust us).
  • Portion control, portion control, portion control. Simply allow yourself 5 mini candies of your choice for Halloween. Enjoy each one, savor them, and  move on.
  • Keep your mouth busy with mints or gum, instead of mindlessly snacking on bite sized calories.
  • Imagine your Halloween the evening before. Plan out 5 to 6 healthy small meals to eat throughout the day to keep your blood sugar steady and hunger at bay. Don’t try to “balance” candy snacking by starving yourself (it will only lead to more snacking!)
  • Never stop moving. If you’re going to be indulging more than usual, simply aim to walk with your family while Trick or Treating, or plan an extra stroll with your kids to see the neighborhood decorations.

So, when in doubt (or the lure of that stale Snickers is calling your name), just remember the word “PUMPKIN” this Hallows Eve, and the holiday will fly by in no time.

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