Try Chocolate and Coffee Infused Peanut Butter: Double-Duty Diet

Kate Hudson and Kate Beckinsale love all natural foods…what are some of your favorites?

We have a chocolate habit (a 24-7, “always-want-to-have-it” kind of chocolate habit), which might only be comparable to our all-encompassing coffee habit..but let’s face it, what woman doesn’t? This is why we’re thrilled to offer brand new Naturally Nutty all natural peanut butters (in Chocolate Butter Toffee and Mocha flavors) in our Makeover Momma Open Sky store! They let us get our sweet fix (and sometimes our caffeine fix), without the waist-widening side effects…

Why We Love Naturally Nutty Mocha ($8.99 for 2)

* Satisfy that nagging sweet tooth with the taste of (all natural) chocolate, without the hefty sugar count (and caloric intake) that typically follows.

* If you want the metabolism boosting effects of coffee (and the “get-through-the-day” benefits for busy moms), the “mocha” fusion of this natural peanut butter is even better.

* Comletely all natural (using hemp seed and flax seeds to boost your Omega-3’s), this peanut butter is super high in protein (leaving you feeling fuller for longer, while helping your body build muscle after a workout).

Why We Love Naturally Nutty Chocolate Butter Toffee ($8.99 for 2)

* It is the ideal way to get a sweet fix, without pigging out on dessert.
Try adding it to an apple, in healthy recipes, or any other way you want!

* It’s good for your family. Try sharing this healthy treat with your kids, and rest assured knowing it’s all natural (with limited ingredients) and a great source of protein.

* What is your favorite chocolate, peanut butter or coffee fusion?

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2 comments on “Try Chocolate and Coffee Infused Peanut Butter: Double-Duty Diet
  1. ZFrancis says:

    It seems too healthy to taste great, but hey…I’ll give it a try.

  2. It is worthy to give a try.

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