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Are your hands full (like new mom Rebecca Romijn?) Check out these products…

  It goes without saying that most mothers barely have time to wash their face (let alone apply layers of makeup every morning)…so why not try doing both at once? We love drugstore brand products that fix problem areas in your complexion, while sidelining as daily cosmetics.

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  Attempting to cover up fine lines and wrinkles with makeup can often have the opposite effect.Thick concealers and cakey products can cling to imperfections, but the new Lumene concealer (found at CVS drugstores) contains a wide variety of hydrating oils, tri-peptides to fight aging, and light-reflecting color to draw attention away from lines. Check out All About The Pretty’s review of Lumene’s new anti-aging skin care line, or show your support as beauty blogger Julia deals with loss and life in candid posts

  If you love that “just flushed” look (but hate wearing powder blush that sinks into every crack and pore), try checking out the new Cover Girl and Olay fusion. It comes in a variety of shades, helps you look more “alive” (even after sleepless nights), and can actually help improve your skin with vitamins and potent, wrinkle-fighting serums.

  If there ever was a product that worked nearly as hard as mothers…this would be it. Olay’s Definitity moisturizer protects the skin with SPF 15, helps improve radiance, evens out skin tone with sheer coverage, and diminishes wrinkles, age spots or uneven areas over time. Does it change diapers too?

Spill Your Thoughts: Do you like products that combine makeup and skincare in one? What are your favorites?

*All product suggestions at Makeover Mommacan be purchased at your local Wal-Mart, Target, drugstore, or online at www.drugstore.com.

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4 comments on “Drugstore Beauty Finds — Beauty Momma Multitaskers
  1. variety of shades, helps you look more ”alive” (even after sleepless nights), and can actually help improve your skin with vitamins and potent, wrinkle-fighting serums.

  2. Some celebrities look different when they are not wearing any makeup in their face…

  3. precisely, make ups really changes the looks

  4. Bulk says:

    I’m still wary about products with make-up in them. I don’t think they can be totally healthy and need to be washed off just the same as any other make-up.

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