Don’t Miss Kid Events In DC (And Win Big No Matter Where You Live)

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* Family Review Fest of the Week:

I live in a teeny, tiny town. Normally this would be a good thing: smaller lines at Starbucks, less pollution and traffic lights than turn off by 11. Unfortunately, this also means that I am constantly at a lack of things to do with my littles ones (Chick Fil’ A being the highlight of my social life can get old pretty fast). And even though not all of my readers live in Washington DC, I know there are plenty of metropolitan moms who will love the following suggestions….

* If You and Your Kids Are Getting Bored: Play Today DC

This website is an absolute fabulous resource for getting “out on the town” with your minions, and finding new things to do in the city. It allows you discover fun events, classes and activities in your area (including surrounding regions of Virginia). And even though not all of us can actually use this website in our region… don’t you wish there was a Play Today in every state? But if you do live nearby in DC, don’t miss the celebratory Find The Fun Fair event inaugurating the launch of Play Today (moon bounce and face paint included). And don’t worry, if you live nowhere near DC but love a good “freebie”, you can still enter to win a free iPad and iPod on the Sweepstakes Facebook page. Easy enough, right?

* Sound Off: What is the one kids activity you simply can’t stand?

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