Don’t Let Pregnancy Cramp Your Style (Just Your Legs)

The shirt on the right would have been better 3 days post-partum…agreed?

* Breakdown of the Month:

Maternity clothing is cruel. It’s too tight in all the wrong places, too baggy in others, and too expensive overall. During both of my pregnancies, I was constantly trying to stretch out my favorite pre-preg clothing, or tweak maternity clothes to actually look attractive (which by the way, I never succeeded in doing). Now that my older sister is pregnant [insert screams of joy here], I’ve been paying attention to maternity clothing more and more, and am perennially unimpressed.

As underwhelming as most brands are, Serpahine features high end, high fashion items for the pregnant woman. (Hint: that means giant mu-mus and expectant pants with a 40-foot panel of stretch fabric are not included). Each of their outfits are decadently made, tastefully designed and artfully executed: all without making you look like Shamu in spandex. Yes, they’re expensive for the budgeted mom, but some of us love luxury clothing when we’re feeling our worst (so don’t hate ladies).

Corey in her sloppy maternity gear and her Seraphine dress…

So what did my sister Corey think of her new dress (shown above?) Even though she’s been avoiding most maternity gear like the plague (as well as cat litter, sushi and Starbucks), this dress did a body good. Here is what she had to say…

* Pregnant Momma Opinion: “Don’t get me wrong, I am not taking being pregnant for granted- it is what we have been trying for- but maternity clothes? Blech! Hello daunting (and dowdy)! I had been trolling maternity sites, looking for something edgier and flattering when my sister Bailey turned me onto Seraphine. Their clothes highlight the beautiful things about being pregnant (hello beautiful necklines) and look comfortable at the same time.

I was excited to see many things that are on trend for this (and next) season: striped tops, grey skinny jeans, harem pants. Like my own non-prego styling, the way that Seraphine has displayed these trends makes them look sophisticated and classy, not like walking by a Wet Seal display. Even though I was dreading being the only teacher at my dance studio wearing an ill-fitting maternity dress for our end of year show, I am not exaggerating when I say I got an embarrassing amount of compliments on my new Printed Chiffon Dress. This will definitely be my “go to” dress for the last 5 months…”

But what if you’re in that awkward phase of pre or post baby? Since I gained a little extra “cushion” before conception (to help things along) and naturally after, I hated wearing tight clothing for 9 months and onward. Thankfully, Seraphine has maternity pieces that can pose as “fourth trimester” alternatives (you know, the time when you want to hide in a giant nursing nightie and call it a day). This Cross Over V-Neck Vest hybrid can stretch with your stomach, hold in your chest, but flatter your body throughout. So whether you’re gearing up for baby, presently womb-toting or newly post-partum, check out the Seraphine website and get ready to spoil yourself

Speak Up: What do YOU think of each of these looks? Do you like the before or after photo?

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