Don’t Let Blogging Bind You (& Not In A “50 Shades” Kind of Way)


One of the reasons I relaunched Makeover Momma with a new look, concepts, and post formats, was purely because I had outgrown the old model. I loved my website of course, don’t get me wrong, but there was far more that interested me in life besides merely makeup or workout routines (not that I don’t have plenty of that too, no worries). It’s easy to box ourselves in to a specific genre or concept in the world of virtual journalism, especially when factors such as page reads, followers, advertisers and the like are taken in to constant account.

But what happens when you start blogging purely for the views, the number of hits, or the freebies? Yes, the obvious comes to pass (you officially become a “swag chaser” and/or sell out to “the man”), but the greater causality is not just the authenticity of your voice… but the fact that we become really darn boring. In my case, I know that by broadening my topical content to other areas of giddiness (book, business, tech, music, and so forth), that I may very well ostracize some of my readers, or at least lower my views substantially.

Yet, since 2013 has brought nothing but changes (see my special holiday bonus video/interview for more scoop), I am simply tired of conceding my passions because I’m worried about putting food on the table. Yes, keeping the electricity on is crucial when you’re a freelance writer and single mom… but what’s the point if I hate what I’m writing? You heard it, friends: I’d rather incur less “hits” because I’m staying true to myself, than lose sight of Makeover Momma all together.

(Now who’s going to pay my electric bill?)


Watch The Video & Share:

* How do YOU stay true to yourself in the online market?

* Do you think it’s better to boost hits and advertisers, or to write about what interests you?

* Do you think perfectionism (see my messy, hand held video above) should be balanced in the virtual world so as to increase enjoyment overall, or should I be ashamed of myself?

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