Don’t Hate Him Because He’s Pretty…

Missing that sweet, comforting solace you find in Makeover Momma TV? No worries. We have a nice healthy serving of recap for you, complete with footage from last night’s show (above) and links, scoop and inside information on your favorite brands and treats (below). Since our show was all about going “Back To School”, reward yourself by watching…. we’ll maybe even give you college credit.

Note: This version finally has all videos visible! Enjoy in all it’s helpful glory (or re-watch videos on the  Makeover Momma You Tube page).

The Giveaway: Melvita skincare

Are you a huge fan of organic skin care products (come on, who isn’t?) You’re going to love Melvita. They have a huge range of organic and ecologically friendly skincare and haircare products (including hydrating floral waters to balance your complexion, or plant oils that can treat split ends, dry nails, irritated skin and more). The line is safe for your entire family because it’s free from toxic ingredients, and a wonderful way to teach your kids about the value of giving back to the earth. Plus, they have more options than we know what to do with (whether anti-aging skincare, perfumes, soaps, supplements and even skincare for your children and teens). Click on the website and you won’t want to stop searching….

Product of the Week: Anthony For Men

At Makeover Momma TV we are always trying to show you new and exciting products to spoil yourself  with (in those rare instances in which you actually get to think about yourself). But for this week only, we’re showing you how you can also spoil that Makeover Dad in your life (otherwise known as your hubby, your BF, your love, or whomever it is you’re hoping to spoil). Believe it or not, that man is not only capable of being groomed, but his manliness will continue to remain intact (feel free to admire the examples we’ve provided above). And just incase these products won’t turn your man into Eric Dane or Stephen Moyer, they can still help him look good…

Our Favorite Products:

* Anthony For Men Eye Cream( $12) is perfect for that guy who doesn’t even know what an eye cream is, and practically get’s confused about where to use it. It’s for all skin types and does the job quick…bye bye puffy eyes!

* Foaming Face Wash ($10) will do just the trick for your man’s face (even if he doesn’t know it yet). It will clean the skin while prepping for a shave. It’s a 2 in 1… and men love that (actually, so do we!)

* Strength Spray ($18): This next product tops it all off. This spray is allergy tested, is suitable for all skin types, but most of all, it smells so good that we wanted to follow him around the house all day (not a bad way to spend the day, eh?)

Want to know what a MAN thinks about these products? Watch the footage from Makeover Momma TV above. We had a real man give is thoughts (and we didn’t even coach him on what to say!) See for yourself…

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