Donate Your Change To Change The World: Getting Friendly With Avon

What would you do with $1 in your pocket?

Would you spend it on a quick cup of coffee running errands? Would you forget about it in your jacket or coat for weeks? Would you leave quarters in the bottom of your purse, and not bother to fish them out? If we sit back and think about what we do with a measly $1 every day, most of us might have a response like the ones above (we sure do!) But what if our $1 in change could really impact the world?

This is the thinking behind Avon’s latest movement: Hello Green Tomorrow.
They are helping our dollars and dimes go farther than we ever could have imagined, by planting 1 tree in the Atlantic Rainforest (for every $1 donated). And with only 93% of our rainforest remaining, our clean air…our green plants…our healthy Earth will truly thank you.

These mommas have a history of exercising outdoors (Nicole Kidman and Faith Hill)… what connects you to nature?

It’s easy to forget that things that seem so far away (like the rainforest) will gravely impact the environment around us (and the legacy we leave for our children). Let’s all support this cause and become ambassadors in our own community. Go directly to the Hello Green Tomorrow website to learn how to donate $1 online, or simply contact your local Avon representative. And remember to share this news with your friends, family and community…it’s easy to make a change (so let’s go ahead and donate our change!)

* What Do You Think: What does helping our environment mean to you?

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