Do You Want To Get Makeup Like Angelina Jolie? — Exclusive Interview With Mally Roncal

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There comes a time in everyone’s life, where you have “pinch me” moments… and getting to interview the famous Mally Roncal in an exclusive Makeover Momma feature is definitely one of those moments. After years of following her work as a makeup artist on our favorite celebrities (Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez, to name a few), admiring her product line, and wishing she could make us up every morning, we now get to steal her favorite tips…right from Mally herself! Even better, this fabulous woman is a mother of two (with a third on the way)… Now that’s just impressive.

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1. We are thrilled that you’ve designed a new signature fragrance (which can be purchased at 8 pm ET on Thursday, on Color Cosmetics- QVC). What inspired this perfume, and what do you think makes it so special?

“I’ve adopted this new fragrance as one of my children – I’m so proud of it! It’s my first real step outside of cosmetics. Beauty is about more than just camouflaging zits and applying color…To me, it’s an aura that can be seen, smelt, felt, and heard by others. That’s why I created this fragrance…I’m on a mission to cover all five senses!”

2. We know that you are famous for creating sexy eye makeup on tons of celebrity faces. What is your number one tricking for making the eyes look bigger?

“Three things: Mascara, liner and a bone colored pencil. Simply adding a little brightness to the inner corners of the eye makes the eye pop. Use a bone colored pencil (NOT white) in the inner corners of the eye to make the eye look wider and more awake. Soften the “V” of the pencil line with a matte light-reflecting shadow. My Mally Beauty Mattewand Eyebrightener includes both. Then, use a creamy dark liner to line the upper and lower lash lines and finish it off with a few healthy coats of mascara.”

3. You are infamous for creating a beautifully glowing face on your clients, no matter the skin tone. What is the trick to getting that “fresh faced” look?

“It’s all about contouring honey! Even if you don’t have to-die-for cheek bones, you can use makeup to convince the world that you do. My Shimmer Shape and Glow Kit is so simple to use. It includes a non-glittery shimmer for the tips of the cheekbones and above the brow bone (to open up the eyes), a darker, matte powder for the hollows under the cheekbone to help define and contour, and a lighter blush for the apples of the cheeks to obtain that sun-kissed glow.”

4. So many moms have a hard time putting makeup on in the morning, when they’re rushing out the door. If you’re in a rush, what are the three steps you never skip?

“Eyebrows, lashes and cheeks! I know what it’s like to constantly be on-the-go…in addition to running Mally Beauty and regular appearances on QVC, I’m a mother of twin girls with another on the way. But I refuse to leave the house without manicured brows– my Brow Beauty Brow Fix is perfect for quick application– mascara on my lashes and a pop of color on my cheeks. Keep them in your purse or on the table next to your bed so you don’t miss them when you wake up. It takes 1 minute of your day and it’s so worth it!”

5. A lot of moms (and busy women) get intimidated by makeup application. What do you think is something that every woman should use in her “beauty arsenal”, which is easier than they might think?

“Mascara! Applying a thick, voluminous mascara (like my Volumizing Mascara) can be daunting. Most women are afraid of smudging, clumping, smearing, but once you get the hang of it, it’s quick and simple. Long lashes can transform a face, making you look younger and well-rested.”

6. Finally, we love finding budget buys for moms, who can’t spend a lot on themselves (especially during this recession). What are a few drugstore (or affordable) products, that you simply cannot live without?

“Q-Tips! I am obsessed with them. You can use them for anything and everything! I also don’t leave home without Nivea’s Lip Balm. They even have balms that offer color and shine!”

* What is your favorite bit of advice from Mally? Check out the new Mally Roncal Signature Fragrance, or see our post on Secret To Finding Your Signature Fragrance Like Jennifer Lopez.

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