Do You Want To Cleanse Your System Like Gwyneth Paltrow?: Nutrition Trend Focus

The Trend: Going on a “diet cleanse” to lose weight.

Celebrities (like moms Nancy O’Dell and Gwyneth Paltrow) have long since popularized the trend of going on nutritional cleanses to “flush” their systems, feel lighter and lose water weight. Although the idea of a cleanse seems positive, it can actually be a risky diet choice, and can actually decrease the rate of your metabolism (while establishing a negative “good/bad” relationship with food).

We at Makeover Momma personally advocate practicing a balanced, consistent and patient routine with healthy eating, instead of going “on” and “off” of varied plans. (This can also send negative body images and misconstrued views about healthy living to your children). However, if you would like to naturally flush your system and reduce bloating, try increasing your water intake, adding teas that are natural diuretics to your system, and eating plenty of water-based produce (like cucumbers) and low-sodium soups.

* Trend Sound Off: Would YOU ever go on a dietary cleanse? Do you think this is a practical approach in the life of a mother?

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One comment on “Do You Want To Cleanse Your System Like Gwyneth Paltrow?: Nutrition Trend Focus
  1. jacy says:

    2 diff ways to cleanse..the crazy I’m eating nothing but a lemonade/maple syrup/cayenne pepper drink for 10 days and hope that I don’t collapse cleanse and then there are 10 day high fiber low fat cleanses. I do a high fiber low fat cleanse once every three months. It’s nothing dramatic and it gives you a chance to step back and see what is lacking in your diet and eat really fresh and clean for 10 days before eating a more “real world” diet. I still eat as clean as possible but with life as busy as it is, sometimes McDonald’s is the easiest choice. I also take multivitamins every day to supplement my diet cause I know that I am not perfect! 😀

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