Do You Want a Bikini Body Like Kate Moss and Gwen Stefani?: Makeover Momma Q & A

In today’s day and age, new moms are constantly being compared to the bikini bodies of famous celebrities on a daily basis. We asked our favorite moms on Twitter (@makeovermomma) what they think about this trend, and want to hear what you have to think…

The Question: “Do you think the bikini bodies of celebrity moms serve as a positive inspiration, or an unreachable ideal?”

* @xmrsburns: “Totally unrealistic .. I can’t afford a personal trainer or chef. So I have to do the best I can with what I have”

* @WheelchairMommy: “I think you can be healthy AND in a bikini!

* @cyndiallison: “I think celebrity moms reading books or doing something constructive would be more inspiring. In bikini or not!”

* @HYBRID79: “Celebrity moms are not good role models, [because] they have chefs, personal trainers, and nannies. This is not the reality for most moms. We could all look amazing after baby if we had all the help that they do (I wish they would admit that more!)”

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