Do Adoptive Moms Get New Clothes Too?

Expectant moms Selma Blair and January Jones look amazing…

* BONUS Post Review:

I want another baby. Yes, I said it (my husband is probably weeping while reading this right now). And even though it is not the best time for our family to expand, I can’t help but confess my future aspirations to adopt a child. Of course it will take many years for us to make this dream a reality, but in the meantime, I can’t help but miss one thing about the expectant experience: my baby bump. Despite being painfully sick and miserable throughout most of my pregnancy, I absolutely adored not having to “suck in” anymore as my stomach grew, or getting an automatic upgrade from “negative A cup” to “could pass for a C with good lighting” dimensions. But even though I won’t be buying new clothes to dress my shape shifting body any time soon, I can’t help but love finding cute maternity clothes for other mothers in need.

* If You Want To Look Bumptastic: Very Maternity Dresses

Maternity clothes are not pretty. Unless you go to Target or speciality stores, I’ve found that most pregnancy fashions are frumpy, dumpy and not-so-friendly to your bumpy (I’ve been reading too many nursery rhymes lately). And even if you do find cute styles, they are very rarely in the right size or simply cost more than your baby itself. Instead of worrying about in-store shopping excursions, try shopping online instead. You can find comfortable maternity dresses and flattering pieces, without waddling around an aisle all day (even if you still deny the presence of a waddle), and wasting your precious energy. Kick back, purchase online and get back to the important things in life… like growing a brain or some fingers internally. Where are else will you find a “To Do List” like that?

* Sound Off: Where did you find the best maternity clothing while pregnant? Should adoptive moms get new clothing perks too?

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2 comments on “Do Adoptive Moms Get New Clothes Too?
  1. Dacey says:

    I agree that maternity clothes are not beautiful and may have some difficulty while wearing it since it is loose but there are various stores that design maternity clothes that are not only comfortable but also give pretty look to women

  2. Norma Fay says:

    I think every mom needs new clothes, just like every kid does. I just got some great new outfits at Burlington. They had some really great deals. They were far less expensive than I had seen them for in the other stores, so I just couldn’t resist.

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