Discover Your Signature Scent For Spring: Beauty Product Roundup

Moms (like Nicole Richie and Kathy Ireland) express scent and beauty in their own way… how do you?

Can scent really connect us to our memories? We have Real Momma writers Jenny and Corey test out these new spring scents, to see what memories they really evoke…

The Scent: Memoire Liquide Soleil  Liquide Eau de Parfum

* Jenny says: “This fragrance is a wonderful blend of citrus, floral, and musk. Not too fruity, not too flowery, not too musky. Just enough of each of the three to achieve a balance of lightheartedness, intrigue, and romance. You’ll love it!”

The Scent: Memoire Liquide Vacances  Liquide Eau de Parfum

* Corey says ” I grew up in South Florida and my grandmother’s house was between the beach and the intercostals, surrounded by blooming gardenias. The palm trees ripe with coconuts were soon mixed with warm vanilla, eggs, flour, etc. and turned into her famous coconut cake…Memoire Liquide’s Volume 1 fragrance (Vacances Liquide) embodies all of these elements and, hence, I cannot stop wearing it (I even spritzed my scarves with it, so while I am physically struggling through all of this snow, I am mentally sitting on my grandmother’s dock with a big slice of cake!).

I was intrigued by the Coe-now-Bakewell-and-Hutshing sisters fragrances, previously. They are all single notes worn alone or layered to create a personal fragrance that has this transportive element connected to personal scent memories (plus the whole self autonomy connected to “creating” your own fragrance is confidence boosting in itself!) The Vacances Liquide, however, blends my three most memorable scents seamlessly. What are your memorable scents? I’ll bet Memoire has a scent for you, and if not…they let you mix your own.

The Scent: Harajuku Lovers Sunshine Cuties

* Corey says “Every knows that scent it closely linked to memories and emotions, so after this H-E-double-hockey-sticks of a winter would you wear a perfume called “snow flower” ? Out just in time, and following her successful Harajuku Lovers Snow Bunny line, comes the Sunshine Cutie line from Gwen Stefani. Gwen’s five Harajuku girls (Love, Lil’ Angel, Music, Baby, and G) have been reincarnated for yet another season, and with super cute bikini’s to boot-and empty bottles are super cute figurines for your own little diva to play with!

My favorite of the five this season is Sunshine Cuties Love (a fruity floral by perfumer Ilias Ermenidis with nectarine, passion fruit, lemon blossom, plumeria, osmanthus, rose, vanilla orchid, coconut water, sensual musk and sandalwood). Yum-just smelling it makes me believe that July is finally here!”

* Speak Up: What is the one scent that connects you to your memories?

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