Diets Don’t Harm My Body, They Hurt My Brain

Parenting is busy work (see Reese Witherspoon and Katherine Heigl)…how do you stay satisifed?

The Hubs is going strong with his Nurisystem diet, and he is ready for his weekly report. In case you missed the last few updates, my husband Adam has been spilling the beans on his journey with the Nurisystem diet plan (even though of course, we advocate balanced eating for mommas above all)… And if you think he is super, duper eloquent for a dude, that’s partially because he just “tells” me his thoughts (and I have to do the actual writing). Yes, that’s right. He seriously isn’t earning his keep around this place…

Want the scoop on his progress? Read on!

* Month 2, Week 4: “My family’s beach vacation is approaching in two weeks, and I’m worried about fitting into my bikini. Actually, I’m worried about the fact that I am horrible with following any sort of plan. Nutrisystem has given me everything I need: meals I don’t have to cook, snacks I don’t have to prepare, and more portable, tasty food that I could ever dream. Yet… I still seem to be falling of the diet wagon more often than a Carnie Wilson memoir. Why? Maybe because the psychology of food really has something to do with it. I’m finally starting to see why women say that eating healthy is difficult… because, well…it is! Even though I am safely back on track now (and turning to Nutrisystem bars and snacks when I’m tempted to reach for something else), I’d love to get your dieting advice. How can I keep myself mentally on track, when I have no other reason not to?”

* Help Him Out: What is your advice for keeping The Hubs mentally satiated, instead of just physically satisfied?

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