Vegan and Vegetarian Diets — Diet Trends Decoded

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Makeover Momma Diet Review: Vegan and Vegetarian Eating

The Pros: No matter how un-glamorous “clean eating” may seem compared to fancy diet plans, healthy food trumps diets every time (for lifelong weight loss success.) Numerous studies continue to show the vastitude of long term health benefits that a well rounded vegetarian or vegan diet provides.

This way of eating can prevent disease, lower cholesterol and risks of diabetes and so much more (even if it has a bad reputation).
Basically, if you clean up your way of eating in any capacity, you will be healthier, leaner and live longer for your children. The added bonus? Cutting meat and animal product intake even a few days a week can greatly help the environment (which means you can “go green” while eating your greens).

The Cons:  Although we personally advocate clean living, a lot of us just love a good steak…or hamburger…or sausage.
If parting with your pork is just too hard to bare, start by simply switching to fish or lean chicken during the week, and saving red meat for weekends only.

Do It Yourself:

  • Begin by choosing white pieces of meat instead of red (chicken or turkey instead of pork and beef.) Choose lean cuts of meat like salmon, shrimp or grilled chicken, and save fatty dark meats for the weekends.
  • If you want to do this lifestyle 100%, replace animal proteins with other forms instead. Go for organic peanut butters, beans (like chick peas or black beans), legumes and lentils, nuts and fortified whole-grain products. If you want to go vegan completely, bypass egg whites and dairy (good protein for vegetarians) and pick soy milk and yogurt, tofu scrambles, tempeh or “faux” veggie meats.
  • Instead of choosing carbohydrates like cereal and bagels at every meal, seek out a wide variety of deep vegetables, vibrant fruits, unsalted nuts, seeds and more.

* What Do You Think: Could you follow a vegetarian or vegan diet (like celebrity mothers Pamela Anderson?)

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