Meal Delivery Plans — Diet Trends Decoded

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The Diet:  NutriSystem Diet Delivery

   How many of us have heard celebrity mothers attribute sudden weight loss to a meal delivery program? Whether Tori Spelling or Denise Richards, many famous mommas are shedding pounds with pre-delivered and prepared meals.

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The Pros: Nutrisystem is good for mothers who need to lose a large amount of weight or simply don’t have time to weigh, prepare and plan their meals. Meal delivery programs like Nutrisystem twill take the guess work out of portions, calories and cooking…they even take grocery shopping out of the equation.

The Cons: Nutrisystem does not teach the basics of healthy eating (neccessary for long-term weight loss or maintanence.) If users do not learn proper portion or calorie control, than they will inevitably gain the weight back. In addition, most meal delivery programs come with a high price tag, so unless you are a celebrity spokesperson and receive your meals for free… many of us Makeover Mommas simply can’t afford home delivered meals. 

Do It Yourself:

* Choose lunch and dinner meals that can be prepared in the microwave, and do the calorie counting for you. Check out brands like Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice, Amy’s and South Beach Diet for a variety of options.

* Pick meals that are between 200 and 400 calories, and always add additional produce for optimal nutrition (like a small side salad, a cup of steamed vegetables or a piece of fruit).

* Look for other food items that arrive prepared, like small cups of cereal, egg whites (for omelettes) or low calorie-breakfast bars (like Luna or Kashi).

* Add 1 to 2 small snacks per day, like 100 calories packs of almonds, crackers or a small snack bar (under 150 calories).

* If all else fails, save the microwavable meal containers and begin preparing your own healthy meals according to these portions. If the meal does not fit into the container…than it probably won’t help you stay fit.

Note: If you are breastfeeding, you need to add an additional snack or larger portions of fresh fruit and vegetables, to ensure the proper amount of calories for your body (and baby).

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