Diamonds Are A Girl’s (Free) Best Friend For The Holidays

* Day 2: LuShae Jewelry (any piece of jewelry you want, valued at $78!)

Now that it’s Day 2 of the 12 Days of Makeovers, it’s time to kick things into high gear with a girl’s best friend (that’s right… diamonds!) The beauty of today’s giveaway is that you will be given a free pass to choose any piece of jewelry you want from the website (most valued at $74 to $78)…without cost! All you have to do is be the first to buy one small thing from the Makeover Momma shop (I added tons of $5 items), and you’ll free jewels in return! Remember, you have to shop today (starting at 10 AM/EST and 7 AM/PST)…. so don’t waste any time!

What if someone else has already snagged this amazing jewelry? Just check back to the main post before shopping (or Twitter or Facebook), to see if this offer it still available.

So why is Jewelry By Lushae so beautiful and timeless? For starters, they offer a wide variety of classic pieces (perfect gifts this holiday season), which suit every taste and budget. Whether your choose shimmering chandelier earrings or gold toned rings, their free international shipping (and complimentary gift box), make a fabulous alternative to the stress and hassle of your every-day jeweler.

I took a liking to their White Gold Promise Rings, because I’m considering the idea of teaching my daughters about their value and virtue as women when they’re older. I know that giving your child a “promise ring” in the hopes they will cherish their purity can be controversial, but it can also be a beautiful sentiment within a family. Of course, it doesn’t matter what jewelry the signifies to you, they can all make a wonderful gift for a loved one (or heck, a long awaited reward for yourself)…it’s up to you!

If you want to pick any piece of jewelry you like (valued around $78), then go to the Makeover Momma shop today and buy one (of anything), and get this for FREE!

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* Today’s Shop Recommendation: ShoeDecs Butterfly Starter Kit ($5)

Does your little one have trouble tying their laces? This ShoeDecs Starter Kit is perfect for any momma worrying about their child tripping over their laces, without wanting to cramp their style. The company’s super cute catch phrase “bling your string” says it all: it’s a fun way to protect your munchkin and keep their shoes looking neat and tidy. Once the ShoeDec is added to the shoe, you don’t have to worry about tying it again (it simply slips on and the “tile” can be changed as needed). So you can go from a fabulous butterfly (as shown here) to various other designs like a spiderweb or ladybugs (coming soon!)

* What Do You Think: Would you ever buy your child a “promise ring”?

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