You Can Fight Acne Without Toxic Ingredients: Makeover Madness Sponsor Spotlight

Wish your skin was clear (like Naomi Watts and Sophia Vergara)? Try going green…

Makeover Madness Party Sponsor: Dermify

There are commercials flooding your television screen every day and each one says it can cure even the worst of skin problems. So, who in the heck do you believe? How about the 100% natural acne skincare product (those are hard to find!) Harsh chemicals can just irritate your skin, make breakouts worse (or put your infant or breastfeeding baby at risk). With gentle ingredients from mother nature herself, your skin has a fighting chance.

Dermify uses only natural and organic ingredients (that means no soaps, sulfates, benzoyl peroxide, or salicylic acid). Its products are also FDA approved so you can use them safely every day without any side effects! Not only has this not been tested on animals, but it is the first “green” and eco-friendly acne treatment proven to work (perfect whether you’re pregant or purely just eco-conscious!)

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What Can You Get For Your Makeover Madness Party: Sweetsation Organic Morning Sickness Alleviating Lip Balm

Whether you’re pregnant with a terrible case of morning sickness or just queasy with an unsettled stomach, this lip balm will calm those jumbling nerves! This super useful lip balm uses a combination of shea butter, Vitamin E, cocoa nut, jojoba, rosehip, blend of litsea, peppermint, and palm oils to soothe your system. On top of all that, it comes on a nifty key chain to keep it where you are in times of emergency… and did we mention it’s only $7?

* Answer This: Do you have skin you can’t seem to manage? Would you try Dermify?

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4 comments on “You Can Fight Acne Without Toxic Ingredients: Makeover Madness Sponsor Spotlight
  1. I love the idea of acne treatment without toxic ingredients. Thankfully my only problem with my skin is it is too sensitive with combination dry/oily, but I will definitely keep them in mind if my skins breaks out in the future or for anyone I know that asks me about an acne treatment.

  2. I’m sensitive AND get small breakouts (but only during that time of the month). So it’s impossible sometimes!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Perfect, Bailey! Something worth trying!

  4. Amber Smith says:

    I would totally try it!! My skin is all over the place – dry in some areas and oily in others. I get blackheads and then my skin breaks out. I would love to try your products. I\’m following you on twitter and facebook.

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