Dear Diary (And Other Unwanted Omissions About Life Lately)

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The Rant:

Even though I have so many fun things to write about in the weeks to come (new products, amazing brands, assorted girly-ness and giveaways), there is nothing I love more then reading about people’s lives and what they’ve been doing. And since I’ve been slightly MIA in recent weeks, I figured a “Where Are They Now?” VH1-style expose was not out of the question. Better yet, I will reward you in posts by pretending this little “dear diary” moment never happened, and you can seek out therapy from my ensuing kvetching, whilst we proceed with requisite beauty, fashion and mommahood commentary… cool? Let’s do some damage!

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* Back To Writing, Back To Life If I could have a Princess Bride inspired “Mahwage” to the act of writing… I possibly would. It is my Buttercup to Wesley… Daisy to Gatsby… Kfed to Britney (come on, they were destined). And even though I’ve been a working writer since the age of 14, my intensity towards journalism and this website has fluctuated depending on the intensity of my life. Namely, frequent hospital forays, single parenthood and subsequent bill paying, and varying proclamations that all men are evil (to see newfound addendum, click here). Fortunately, I am back in a place where writing can once again become my number one priority. What does this mean for you? Near daily postings on Makeover Momma, an increase in giveaways and goodies, and… yes, I’m tweeting a lot more (that part is dangerous). Fortunately, any time I need to defend my social media habit, I can earnestly proclaim “It’s for my job!” and be somewhat justified. Best of all, I am able to be super involved with my girls, which is actually my real number one priority for the rest of my being [even if we can no longer homeschool at this time]. Still, who would want to miss a millisecond of these faces?

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* Just Keep Swimming, Swimming, Swimming: After coming out of the closet with health stuff some time ago, I’ve delicately danced around the subject without crossing the boundaries of over-share (or worst of all, self-pitying, “woe-is-me-isms”…or so I hope!) I want to be able to connect with other people on this subject, and dialogue with anyone who needs a shoulder to lean on… but I also liked the days of being “in the closet” too. Perhaps the most annoying part about chronic health issues (other than, you know, the whole slow, painful downslide aspect), is feeling like a whiny, wimp in need of my own Young Adult literature series and grumpy-face-cat fan club. The good news is that I am still a paradox of both A) extremely stubborn, yet B) treatment compliant, which means I’m getting rave reviews from the medical critics lately.

Aside from a few infected stitches taken out yesterday (so now I’m “pretty in gauze” again), my port is doing dandy, and made it super easy to treat recent bouts of bronchitis/pneumonia. Better yet, I am really popular with the nurses because they get to play with cool gadgets when I drop in for a hospital visit (they literally lined up so they could take turns looking). Yes, I have throngs of adoring fans… it’s true. I plan to do a few 5ks later this month (one zombie, one rainbow paint- respectfully), and have a few new specialists added to the mix, so my posse is ever growing. Not bad, eh?

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* Proud To Be Deaf… But Tired of the Battles: Most of my doctors are now confident that my hearing loss was acquired (meaning, caused by this global health issue), but there is nothing we can do about that now. Since it was continually decreasing throughout the years, being deaf is something I barely notice. I am a master at lipreading (it’s a super power, really), even more apt at deconstructing music for dance class and choreography, and of course fluent in my beloved ASL. I have an awesome community of deaf friends and interpreters, and feel completely and utterly free when I can communicate without missing a word or straining to see. That being said, I have the most awesome hearing family, and I’d rather read their sarcastic, snarky lips any day of the week… so I’m a lucky girl from every angle.

I’ve gotten some animosity over the years- people close to me feeling opposed to my inability to talk on the phone, need for sign language support, or increasingly imperfect voice- and I admit that I became more and more “voice off” because of this. Feeling self conscious does that to a person, but now I’m in a fabulous place of knowing who I am, what I want in life, and not caring either way. If it suits me to be voice off, I will. If accommodation will work better through voicing, I’ll do that too. Most deaf people know there is no perfect way to navigate a fast-talking world, and switching modalities and approaches is our prerogative (thanks Bobby Brown). Life goes on, people change, bad things happen: this is not a new concept. And of course, if you can’t file an ADA lawsuit against the few discouraging family or friends in the world, there is not much we can do for discrimination beyond rising above.

In Conclusion: The only stipulation to my rehashing life in recent months is… you must do the same! So yes, please comment on this post and tell me: What is the best and worst thing that’s happened to YOU this month?

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