De-Puff And De-Pore With Supreme Beauty Solutions: Makeover Momma TV Recap

Are you ready for your weekly dose of Makeover Momma TV? Last night’s show talked all about how participating in charities and giving back to your community can help you build on your passions and reconnect with yourself again (you know, that side of yourself that isn’t reading Dr. Seuss for the eightieth time). But if that sounds to “kumbaya” for your taste, don’t worry… there was plenty of gossip, videos and product reviews to fill your soul too.

Note: This version of the recording does not show the videos that were aired. To view each video, please go to the Makeover Momma You Tube page (where we upload the videos each week), or scan below for highlights.

The Giveaway: Clearly Beautiful Facial Mask

Even though there is still a week left to enter our Evenflo Savvy Parents Car Seat Kit giveaway (full of car goodies for your kids, cleaning items for you and even a gift card for gas), we were so excited to giveaway a Clearly Beautiful face mask during the live show! Clearly Beautiful is a line of luxurious, unique facial masks that treat all kinds of skincare problems (like collagen loss or dull skin) and are super easy to use (you just apply the cloth over your face, relax for a few precious moments, and you’re done!) You can get face masks for every region of your body (including your eyes and neck), so it’s almost like a full service spa right in the comforts of your own home. And if a “facial in a fabric” isn’t cool enough, you can get the 5 Day EasiFacial kit which has 5 weeks worth of facial treatments, so you can detox your skin step by step (including skin clearing masks, anti-aging and hydrating). It’s the perfect way to prep your skin for a big event (toted as the “5 day alternative to salon facials”), and is only $19 for the entire kit. Cool, huh?

The Winner:

* Linda from Baby To Be TV was chosen live and at random during the show… but guess what? Thanks to our charitable topic of the show, she was kind enough to give her product to another Linda (Lady O)… how wonderful is that? Please be sure to check out the Baby To Be show every Monday at 1 PM, and “pay it forward” like Linda does to others.

And stay tuned next week for more live giveaways!

Product of the Week: Beautisol Luxurious Eye Cream Duo

Sick of looking in the mirror and seeing a bloated, droopy raccoon staring back (we’re talking about your eyes, of course). Fear not, because Beautisol is here. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love Beautisol self tanning products as much as I love it’s founder Sinead from Self Tanning Queen. She has spent so much time sharing beauty tips and tricks with others, that it’s only natural she put all that knowledge into her own line of products.

Now Beautisol is about to launch a brand new set of products, Luxurious Eye Cream Duo, to treat the delicate skin around our eyes. Each product (Eye Want and Bright Eyed) can be used separately or together to target the fragile skin on our face, and create younger looking eyes. Eye Want works to target wrinkles, crows feet and sagging much like an injection (except no creepy needles), and Bright Eyed is a mousse that stops puffiness and swelling, while still preventing signs of aging. Basically, since you won’t be sleeping for the next eighteen years (or more)…you’re really going to need this!

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