Cut Calories From Holiday Eating Like Nicole Kidman and Michelle Williams: Make It Better

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Nicole Kidman and Michelle Williams have expressed striving to eat in balance…do you?

Eating tasty, fatty foods may be one of the most enjoyable parts of the holiday season (but they certainly don’t help our waistlines). We had Real Momma contributor Harriot test out individually portioned Cheryl & Co holiday brownies (a good substitution for an over sized dessert), to see if she could stop at just one. (Check out more Cheryl & Co food reviews with “The Best Food Gifts For Your Family.”)

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The Product: Cheryl & Co Buttercream Frosted Brownies

What I Thought: “I’ll admit…I really want to eat the entire case of these gorgeous holiday brownies (with a big glass of milk), but because they were individually wrapped, it was easier to not go back for more. Although these brownies aren’t meant to be low-calorie foods, savoring just one specific treat made it easy to avoid the multitude of desserts in my house this holiday season…making it a healthier choice in the end. The box contained fudge brownies, buttercream frosted and peanut butter brownies. However, I would reach for these even if I just wanted to splurge. They were so rich that they completely satisfied my chocolate fix 100%!”

Want to make your own baked goods at home, but don’t want the extra calories? Create healthier, lighter holiday desserts with these tips…

* Make Substitutions: Learn how to play with your favorite old recipes, by making low-calorie switches (see our video ” Gluten-Free Chocolate Peppermint Bark“). Opt for low-calorie versions of butter, eggs (use Egg Beaters or egg whites), or sugar (Splenda, anyone?)

* Go Natural: If you would rather skip “diet foods” in favor of natural, organic substitutions, try using things like apple sauce or canned pumpkin in place of fatty oils or butter in recipes.

* When In Doubt, Cut It Out: If you simply can’t help eating your favorite holiday desserts (in all of their caloric glory), simply try downsizing your portion. Learn more about how to balance your “worthwhile treats” with our “Eat Healthy Over The Holidays ” video (documenting the holiday eating process).

* What holiday foods do you think are NOT worth the calories?

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