Secrets To The Perfect Skincare Routine Like Milla Jovovich and Naomi Watts: Beauty Product Breakdown

Let’s face it: moms don’t have the time (or pocketbook) to spend hours creating the perfect skincare routine. We don’t have the energy to research and read which ingredients might potentially clash, what skincare lines are the best or what is the most likely to fight signs of aging. We know that many different things can help create the perfect skincare routine… but we don’t know how to fit them together perfectly.

We love the intensely researched and scientifically tested Somme Institute 5 Step Regimen ($295) because it covers all the basics (and takes the brain-work out of buying). Learn from these wonderfully matched products (or create your own routine), with these top tips…

* Cleanse Without Irritation: Try choosing a cleanser that has calming properties (like vitamins or essential oils), to help sooth skin (instead of stripping it of moisture). The Somme Institute Nourishing Cleanser features a patented vitamin property called MDT5 (but you can also try using a small amount of olive oil, and wiping off with a damp cloth).

* Always Exfoliate: It’s pretty simple. Exfoliation clears your pores, which eliminates pimples, which leads to smooth, soft skin. The best way to reveal fresh, youthful skin is to treat it with ingredients like AHA/BHA, which virtually eliminate dead skin cells and create brand new skin.  The Somme Institute Transport exfoliation pads do all of that and more (but should be used carefully and gently on extremely sensitive skin).

* Stick With Serums: Not all serums are created equal, so try seeking out a daily serum that contains vitamins or antioxidants (to help fight a wide range of aging and environmental threats). The Somme Institute Serum is not only healing to the skin, but boosts collagen and helps fight free radicals.

* Rev Up Your Cells: Stimulating your skin to produce new cells (with powerful vitamins) will promote younger, more even looking skin. Try seeking out a day cream (like the Vitamin A and E rich A-Bomb cream) to help soften fine lines and wrinkles.

* Protect, Protect, Protect: Frankly, what is the point of spending money, time and energy on your skin, if you’re just going to damage it in the sun? A daily SPF of (at least) 30 or higher is essential in turning back the clock, and it’s even better if containing potent sun-fighting ingredients like Parsol 1789. We love the Double Defense because it contains both of those (and more), without ever feeling sticky, smelly, heavy or causing you to break out.

We love this Somme Institute 5 Step Regimen because it gives your skin every anti-aging ingredient it needs (nothing is left out!) Buy it in our Makeover Momma store now!

* What is YOUR key combination for the perfect skincare routine?

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