Create a Pampering Spa At Home This Winter: Revamp Your Routine

Want to pamper your body, hydrate your skin and eliminate cellulite…all without ever leaving  your house? Try these fun ideas (and Splurge suggestions) for creating a spa day in your own home (plus, there are plenty of affordable alternatives!)

If you want to know more about using a cloth face mask at home (as shown in our video), here what Real Momma Julie has to say about Sephora’s Power Mask ($12).

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The Product: Sephora Power Mask- Fusio-Fiber Face Mask

My Favorite Thing: “It was so easy to use, which made it even more relaxing!”

What I Thought: “I must admit, I don’t often do facials because of being a busy mom, as well as the fact that I have very sensitive skin and worry about breakouts! However, I found the Sephora Power mask to be very refreshing and it left my skin surprisingly soft (with no breaking out)! It didn’t require any mixing and I was able to just lay the pieces on my face, relax and enjoy!”

* Sound Off: What is YOUR favorite at-home pampering trick?

*The  products are from PRIORI Skincare and 3LAB. Alternative drugstore products can be used/found.

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3 comments on “Create a Pampering Spa At Home This Winter: Revamp Your Routine
  1. Tavia says:

    Hi Bailey! This video was great, I really likes some of the products. I don\’t know if they are available here but I will try to look for them.The only product that I know I can find here is the face mask from Sephora, about the rest I\’m not so sure 🙂

  2. Bailey says:

    Hopefully they’re available near you… isn’t Sephora just the best? I’m really into Beauty now too (they have great discounts) : )

  3. forex robot says:

    My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

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