Create A Juice Bar At Home For Super Clear Skin

The Show: Jill Stuart

The Look: Jill Stuart is most often known for her femininity. Her clothes are made by a woman for a woman, and it really shows (I would wear every single piece in her collections). But the fun thing about Jill’s Spring 2011 show is how playful the hair and makeup truly was (simple, but with a punch). The model’s complexions seemed nearly perfect (create your own dewy look with a mix of concealer and tinted moisturizer), the eyeline was simple (skip shadows and liners in favor of soft brown mascara), but the lipstick was perfect for a night on the town. Be bold by choosing a color slightly darker or brighter than your usual shade (it’ll help you look more awake and add dimension to your look).

Go All The Way: Want to the picture perfect skin exemplified by models at Jill Stuart’s show this season? I got to hit up the Genesis Today model juice bar while hanging out backstage, and try out their new Acai Berry Juice (just watch the video above to see why it’s special).

* Speak Up: What do YOU drink to make your skin glow?

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