Create A Healthy Summer Treat That Dad Will Love: Sunday Snack With Johanna


Since today IS Father’s Day I wanted to give a BIG shout out to all the amazing dads and make something that my hubby loves, which is ice cream (but don’t worry, I will be making some waist line friendly changes). Since us mothers are the main caregivers and shoppers in the family (typically), we have the ability to tweak our families eating habits….Check it out!

My “Almost” Ice Cream Treat

* 2 containers of Greek yogurt

* 1 cup organic sugar

* 4 eggs whites

* 2 tsb organic honey

* 1 cup of cream

Stir together egg white and sugar until they make peaks. Mix the honey, yogurt and cream together until all incorportated. Then mix in the egg whites and put in metal bowl in freezer until frozen (or put in your ice cream maker and follow manufatures directions). Add Dad’s favorite toppings, and serve! I suggest honey, chocolate chips or his favorite fruit.

Remember that presentation is key (so serve it in his favorite mug or a new dish). HAPPY FATHERS DAY!

* Speak Up: What did you cook for Dad for father’s day? Is there a favorite dish that you both love equally?

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