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Who wants their loving face to be remembered throughout the holiday season no matter how far away they are? My brother, that’s who (and Zatswho has just the right fix). This company was founded by a mother and daughter team who (with a husband in the military) know just how difficult long distance can be, and wanted to do something about it. Zatswho creates soft flash cards for babies which hold images of family members, friends or anything else you need. It’s the perfect way for children to not only remember long distance relatives and pals, but to work on their words and names as well.

In the case of my brother (who is currently serving in Afghanistan), it made the perfect gift for his nearly 2 year old son (as it does with so many military families). But it was also a fabulous present for my own 18 month old who is hearing impaired. We filled the flash cards with images of close family members so she can practice saying and signing their names (and it’s really helping!) So the next time you think about a loved one separated by distance, think about sending them their own pack of Zatswho flash cards (it just might make a world of difference!)

* Sound Off: Who is the person you’re going to miss the most this holiday season?

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