Combat Fall Blues With The Perfect Combat Boots: Trendy Tuesdays With Kassandra

Worn boots (like those on Jessica Alba and Kate Moss) help you stop suffering for fashion…

The Trend: Rugged, worn, combat boots!

As much as I love heels, sometimes you just want to throw them across the room and curse the day you bought them. No matter how comfortable they are when you buy them (and no matter how comfortable they are for the first two hours), they always bite you in the butt later on. (And it’s such a shame too, since heels make your legs look fantastic.) However, now that fall is rolling in…. I’ve turned my fashion obsession to boots.

I’ve always had a boot fetish, but I am completely enamored with the rugged boots of the season. Why, you ask? Sometimes, you just want a boot that can hold up against all the work you have to complete in a day (but you still want your shoes to look as cute as you do). That’s where these boots come in: with a flirty floral dress and nubby knits, a pair of combat boots just adds that subtle edge and confidence that every woman should wear.

My personal favorite boots that I’ve literally just added to my closet are the Nine West Peroxy boots.

I just love how old fashioned they look. Yes, they look dirty and old and the complete opposite of modern, but they’re comfy, sturdy, and perfect with a pair of worn jeans and a warm henley. Plus, they were only $85 and they’re real leather! (Because if you’re going to shell out the money, you want to make sure the boots can stand a few years of wear and tear.)

In case you don’t like those, here are a few of my other favorites to look at:

Boutique 9, $200

Steve Madden, $99.95

* Trend Sound Off: Do you think you would rock a pair of these sturdy, powerful boots?

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4 comments on “Combat Fall Blues With The Perfect Combat Boots: Trendy Tuesdays With Kassandra
  1. kelly says:

    Love! Love! Love!

  2. I tend to be the definition of “your mother wears combat boots” but in the winter when it’s cold and wet. Not usually before. Comfort + warm + cute = happy in winter.

  3. Shane says:

    I would certainly dig on this style if I was a bit younger. I am 42 now and although I totally get into fashion, I think the combat bot trend ship sailed for me a long time ago. When I was a punk rocker I wore them though. These days I think it is pretty cute on younger girlies. 🙂

  4. sarah says:


    I looking for boots of Jessica Alba..
    Can you help me??

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