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Even though I’m a writer, I’m going to make this short and sweet: I was scared to ever try a fitness or nutrition program. As someone who had performed as a dancer for most of my life, and worked as a health and nutritional writer in the moments between… what could I possibly have left to learn in the world of clean living? My self-professed snootery aside, I took my body completely for granted for most of my life. As the mother of two little girls, I knew how hard it was to stay fit while still rearing little ones… but had no idea what to do when my health began to fail. After a tumultuous few years (battling the decline of my lungs, sinuses, pancreas and digestive system), I felt as if my life was slipping away, and I’d never be healthy again.

Only problem? I an waaaaay too stubborn to just give up so easily. Here’s the new plan: fighting back and healing my body through amazing nutrition, exercise and balanced living. Even if you feel like the last person on earth who should have a fitness coach, or that there is simply no hope left… I am your gal. NOW is the time to restart your life (as I’m slowly doing with mine), and we can do it together.

Ready, set… let’s do this.

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