Clear Your Pores With Picture Perfect Face Masks: Beauty Trend Focus

Your skin can be clear and glowing like Jessica Alba or Halle Berry (just add this one small step to your routine)…

Everyone wants clear skin, but it is almost one of the hardest things to achieve. Between running after the little ones to maneuvering through a hard day at work, your skin is your last concern. However, all is not lost. Listed below are the top three best masks for clearing up skin and looking younger (and better yet, they come from fellow beauty experts at Open Sky!)

* Chella Enzyme Formula Exfoliation Crema Mask

We are all well-acquainted with the harsh salicylic acid found in most face creams. However, if you have sensitive skin, lactic acid is more gentle. This active ingredient in this mask clears away dead cells, encourages skin cell growth, and smooths skin by removing fine lines and wrinkles. With all the added botanicals and vitamins, your skin has no reason not to be soft and glowing (and you only have to use it once a week for ten minutes in order to be effective).

* Belli Acne Clearing Facial Wash

Who wants to see forehead acne, chin acne (or let’s face it, any acne) when we wake up in the morning? And stressing out over our skin only seems to make it even worse! If you have sensitive skin, this mask also uses lactic acid (which is much more gentle for you skin), but it’s also stocked up with exfoliating and regenerating ingredients like green tea, olive oil, cucumber, and lemon (which soothe and balance your complexion).

* Motion Medica Clarifying Camphor Mask

This unique product uses natural clay to clear up blemishes, clean pores, and refresh your skin. The clay is infused with camphor which is derived from the wood of a cinamonum caphora tree (which calms down inflamed skin by reducing redness). Other ingredients include bentonite (which is a clay that is effective for keeping excess oil from clogging the pores in your skin), and colloidal sulfur (an element known to cleanse, heal, and purify the face). Best of all? It’s so gentle (and organic) that you can use it every day if you have severe acne.

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