Christy Turlington Long Lashes — Beauty Product Spotlight

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Get super model lashes like Maybelline spokesperson (and mom) Christy Turlington.

Beauty Product Spotlight: Maybelline New York Lash Stiletto Ultimate Length Mascara

Why We Love It: Almost every mother around credits mascara as the key to looking awake and put together when leaving the house… but how many of us actually have time to apply it in the morning? We were excited to try the new product from Maybelline, not only because we are notoriously fans of their mascaras (personal favorites are XXL Lash formula), but also because it looks relatively simple.

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How We Use It: Instead of applying multiple formulas or dealing with clumps, this mascara proved to be a great, quick fix for any event. It has a lengthening formula and shiny black finish- perfect for mothers who want to “lash and dash.” However, if you are a perfectionist about eye aesthetics (like we are), you may prefer using this formula in congruence with a thickening, volumizing kind. Try adding it as the final coat to any eye look, and it’ll complete your mascara perfectly.

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One comment on “Christy Turlington Long Lashes — Beauty Product Spotlight
  1. Hibble says:

    Sorry…I’m a man, don’t wear makeup, but am in love with the woman who coined your greatest marketing phrase. Why she, as beautiful that she is doesn’t do more work for you is beyond me. Not ONE model adorning your make-up is memorable, note-worthy, and of course as profitable for your company than C Turly Burns is.

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