Christina Aguilera — Figure Flattery Fashion

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    Celebrity mother Christina Aguilera’s style may often seem crazy (and we admit to secret fantasties of fixing her lipstick shade, toning down her makeup and placing her in long, elegant clothing), but we can’t help but love how she’s embraced her curvy, post-partum body. Although she is still tiny and fit, she seems to flaunt her hips and womanly figure, instead of hiding it away with baggy clothing.
   This look works for her because the jeans are softly stretchy, her top is simple (and would conceal any after-baby bulges), and her ballet flats are practical while still being stylish.

Get The Look:

Ballet Flats: Although a pair of Side Tie Flats from Charlotte Russe are bright in color and cute in shape (they are also 50% off on clearence), but we can’t help but love our previous recommendation of Target’s slipper like ballet flats.

Sweater: Although the Plush V-Neck Tunic from Alloy is stretchy, soft and feminine (and on clearence for only $9.99), we think that Alloy’s Inverted Pleat Pull-over Sweater (of the same price) is perfect for those who truly want to conceal and flatter this midsection.

Stretchy Jeans: Skinny jeans rarely flatter hips and thighs, but a pair that is dark wash and “gives” to curves can be flattering and comfortable. Try a cheap pair like the Bitten Ankle Zipper Cropped jeans from Steve & Barry, or check out the Showstopper Skinny Jean from Wet Seal (shown below), which comes in Plus Sizes, Long and Short lengths, and dark and light washes.

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One comment on “Christina Aguilera — Figure Flattery Fashion
  1. Although I think the combination of a sweater, jeans and ballet flats can be a cute one for moms, I don’t think this is very flattering on Christina. First of all, the sweater is a bit too boxy for her and adds pounds instead of showing off the sleek figure she’s already back to. I’d like to see her choose something a bit more fitted – not skinrtight, but something that shows off her curves while flattering her in a more feminine way. With all her curves, she really can’t do boxy and have it look good.

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