Choose The Right Salty Foods To Curb Your Cravings


Love salty, crunchy snacks as much as me? I am a sucker for salty foods (as are so many other Makeover Mommas), but I know I need to curb my snack attacks with some healthier alternatives. Since I hate rest stop food on summer road trips, I’ve been trying other options with less calorie content. I found Snyder’s of Hanovers Eat Smart Naturals (which has some great choices). I am loving their Multigrain Tortilla Chips (which has chia seeds, quinoa, and is a great source of omega 3’s). Best of all, they are really filling which is great when you are craving junk!

Another snack that I am loving right now is Synder’s of Hanovers Garden Veggie Sticks they are packed with tomatoes, spinach, and turmeric. These three things are great for skin (it’s like tons of veggies in tasty sticks), and are healthy for your kids too. I also love that a serving is 140 calories and 2 cups, so I can snack, snack, snack away. Maybe I should put the bag away?

So next time you wander down that chip aisle to fulfill a salty craving… try turning to these healthier alternatives instead!

* Sound Off: What are your favorite salty cravings?

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