Check Out Kate Gosselin’s New Long Hairstyle: Celebrity Momma Makeover

Kate before and after (photographed with Daily Makeover’s own Ted Gibson) sporting longer, straighter locks…

Want a new look for the new year? Although it’s the perfect time for a makeover, many moms have words to say about Kate Gosselin’s latest hair ‘do. Here what our own Real Momma contributor Shanda thinks about this new, longer look…

What I Think: “I thought she was gorgeous before with short hair, and she’s still gorgeous now with the obvious extensions. My personal opinion is that I kind of liked her short haircut, even though everyone was making fun of it. You have to have a great face with strong bone structure to carry off short hair like that, and she certainly does. Plus the spikiness of her hair sort of matched the sometimes sharpness of her straight-forward approach. Of course she had to change her hair since everyone was joking about it. I do not envy her fame. No one bad-mouths my bad hair days all over the media! I only have to see the other moms in the preschool parking lot (and that’s what my husband’s baseball caps are for!)”

* What Do You Think: Do you like Kate’s hair shorter or longer? What kind of makeover do YOU want this year?

Credit: ©  People

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4 comments on “Check Out Kate Gosselin’s New Long Hairstyle: Celebrity Momma Makeover
  1. Katie says:

    I have to agree with Shanda; I prefer the shorter look on Kate. I know it is a new year and she is trying to start fresh, but I am not loving the new look. Maybe if she had kept the extensions to shoulder length it would be more age appropriate?

  2. Bailey says:

    Although, I love Ted Gibson (he writes for Daily Makeover)- and think he worked wonders (and her color looks fabulous). I just wish she had asked him for something different

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