Change The World One Card (And One Kid) At A Time

Are you always looking for ways to help your children learn values, but not sure how to keep them actually interested? It’s time to meet Boom Boom cards. I became obsessed with the Boom Boom Revolution after coming across their cards online, and adding them promptly to my Makeover Momma shop. The cards are made of recycled materials (an important lesson to teach your kids), but best of all: they help make “intentional acts of kindness” seem fun.

Think of it this way: you know how kid’s love the latest trends in toys (trading a special kind of card or playing a collectable game)? How much change could we create in the world if children began playing the Boom Boom game instead? Each card has a charitable act that helps “pay it forward” to society (without taking tons of work hours or cash away from mom, of course), and children can challenge one another to accomplish different cards. Best of all, each card can be tracked online, so you can follow the story of a singular card all over the country or your community.

Join The Revolution:

Do you and your family want to try the Boom Boom challenge on Makeover Momma? It’s simple….

* Leave a comment below, stating which of the cards you want to try with your family. Make sure to include your email address, so we can privately and discreetly determine where to send your card.

* I will send my card to the first commentator, and they will pass it along to the next family in ascending order. Addresses can be exchanged carefully amongst congruent participants.

* Finally, be sure that you register your card online once it arrives. This helps everyone follow the boomerang effect of one Boom Boom card (from Makeover Momma to you!)

Want To Try It Yourself? Since Boom Boom cards make the perfect holiday gift or stocking stuffer this year (showing the true message of the giving season), feel free to scoop up your own pack of cards today (either the Teen Cards or the Original Pack). Just click the button below… easy enough?

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* Answer This: How do you teach your children about “paying it forward”?

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One comment on “Change The World One Card (And One Kid) At A Time
  1. Karen says:

    My daughter picked this time. She is going to build a fort for her brother with the whole family’s help, of course. It will be a fun family night, maybe with a little popcorn too!

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