Celebrate Your Curves For The New Year Like Salma Hayek and Emma Thompson: Fashion Wardrobe Mix Up

Do you want to look leaner, slimmer and more polished for the New Year? We tested out the new Jones New York knit collection, to see if we could flatter our figures (and look thinner post-partum), while still looking stylish and classic for the office.

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Beautifully classy women (like Emma Thompson and Salma Hayek) know how to flatter their figure, and look feminine at the office…

This collection (according to Jones New York lead designer), was created to be “a foundation of 8 easy pieces”, which can be mixed and matched to build a “working wardrobe of completely knit components from top to toe.” As usual, we love the influence of figure-flattering guru (and JNY Style Guy) Lloyd Boston (for more, see our exclusive interview and his top tips for plus-size ladies, “How To Flatter Your Curves Like Jennifer Hudson“).

The JNY Knit collection will be available in February 2010, and available online and at select Macy’s stores.

* What do you wear to work (or at home) as a mom?

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3 comments on “Celebrate Your Curves For The New Year Like Salma Hayek and Emma Thompson: Fashion Wardrobe Mix Up
  1. Ali says:

    it totally depends on my mood, and what I want to accomplish that day! If I plan to go somewhere, other than a park, I will dress UP a little, wear a nicer shirt, and jeans, instead of workout pants and a tank. If I need to impress, I will wear slacks or a skirt, and a nice shirt that flatters.

  2. Bailey says:

    Agreed. In day-to-day life as a mother, I don’t dress up (but still try and be “put together”.) Come to think of it- even my “dress clothes” are comfy (because I just don’t shop for really tight or stiff stuff, you know?)

  3. CMac says:

    It’s such a drag that my office has a strict “professional” wardrobe rule. I have some pretty classy bootcut jeans that would look stellar with a blazer, but sadly they must stay in my closet 🙁

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