Celebrate The Holidays With A Chocolate Filled Tradition

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What is your all time favorite holiday tradition? I have always been a big fan of traditions (in general), so orchestrating my various habits throughout the month of December is like running a small army. We drive around looking at lights with warm cups of hot chocolate, watch Polar Express on Christmas Eve (and The Family Stone for grown ups), and decorate with a freakish amount of Nutrackers using perfectly timed precision that’s taken years to master. I deck myself in head-to-toe seasonal colors and embarrassing festive socks faster than my husband grabs his leather briefcase and runs out of our tinsled door. So why the heck would I want to add another tradition to the mix? Because, my friends, this one is really good.

CSN Stores was the soul inspiration for this new holiday tradition, because their online shop is filled with so many affordable, unique items. I found the Mrs. Santa Clause Fudge Kit a few weeks back, ordered it and couldn’t wait to surprise my daughter. As you’ll see from the photos (slideshow above), we created a new tradition of making the secret fudge the last day of November, and setting it out that night (much like with Santa and his cookies). The next morning the girls awoke to a brand new advent calendar to kick off the month of December (and oh yeah, a few nibbles from their fudge thanks to a hungry Mrs. Clause). And even though I’m worried about the Clause’s cholesterol at this point, I’m pretty sure they enjoyed the fudge (I know I did!)

* Sound Off: What holiday tradition to you hope to create for your kids?

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