Celebrate Makeover Momma’s Semi-Reduntant Makeover With The #FreshStart Twitter Party!


Perhaps it’s only befitting that Makeover Momma has undergone a vast makeover in 2012 (if only to keep itself from being a virtual hypocrite), and thus we are two posts in to the new launch of the website. If you missed my verbiage heavy Vlog (does anyone else feel really pretentious using words like “vlog” in regular vernacular?), than click this handy link here.

Otherwise, nothing says “new mom, new life, new look” like a… new Twitter party! So listen up my fabulous friends. If you want a “fresh start” for the rapidly impending new year [only a month-ish more until we guzzle champagne, fail our resolutions, and try to live out When Harry Met Sally fantasies], read on…


What: The #FreshStart Twitter Party to celebrate the relaunch of Makeover Momma

When: Join me on Monday, December 10’th at 8 PM/EST using the hashtag #freshstart

Who: You! To qualify for the amazing giveaways (admit it, that’s the only reason you pretend to like me), be sure to follow @makeovermomma and the amazing sponsors as listed below.

Goodies: Not only will we pick various Twit-savvy winners during the party itself (at random, as long as you RSVP accordingly)… but ONE lucky winner will take home ALL of the prizes as well! To qualify for the grand prize, leave a comment below telling me how/why you want a fresh start for the new year.



* NEW Pantene AgeDefy Collection: Lately I’ve been wanting to get a tattoo [do not tell my mother] of the phrase “Il suffit de inspirer pour que le temps passe”, meaning (in my favorite balletic-inspired script) “you only have to inhale and time is already over”. In my mind, this is a way of remembering to make every breathe count. To not take anything for granted. So how does this apply to the new AgeDefy collection from Pantene? Perhaps it’s the connotation that no matter how much we mature, we should never accept age as a means of letting our best selves go (or maybe it’s the underlying fact that a good hair day really does seem to make life a little bit better). Regardless, their new plumping line is perfect for locks of all ages because the AgeDefy Shampoo, Conditioner and Advanced Thickening Treatment boost fine, thin and otherwise wimpy strands with a killer combo of caffeine (which makes my world go ’round as well), strengtheners and volumizers.

Follow: @Pantene, Pantene Pinterest and Pantene Facebook


* Mai Couture Gift Set (Value $84): If you hate watching yourself devolve in to a pasty, Daria-inspired ghost over the cold winter months (i.e. missing your summertime tan), but want a quick, easy way to apply bronzer… look no further! I personally hate the orange-palmed, loofah-obsessed, stinky madness that occurs from using too much self tanner, so Mai Couture offers the perfect mix of golden goodness without the mess. Their unique beauty papers allow you to apply a hint of glow or blush without ever pulling out a brush or gobs of makeup (just swipe a little bit of paper on chosen areas and you’re done). Heck, you can do that in the rearview mirror whilst waiting in the carpool line! Done and done.

Follow: @maicouture and Mai Couture Facebook

Stay Tuned All Week As New Sponsors Join The List!

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43 comments on “Celebrate Makeover Momma’s Semi-Reduntant Makeover With The #FreshStart Twitter Party!
  1. Kitty says:

    This sounds fun, Bails! I love how passionately you’re embracing your Fresh Start. XOXO

  2. Michelle B says:

    I’d love a fresh start for January! I’m actually having the breast reduction surgery that I’ve wanted for years in mid January. For me, that is going to be a fresh start since I think all the pain I have will be relieved and I can actually *do* stuff I haven’t been able to.

  3. Kristen says:

    I’m in desperate need of a makeover for the new year. I’ve spent 2012 gaining 60lbs on prednisone & immunosuppressants, then losing 15lbs in a month, then re-gaining. My “looks” have been the last thing on my mind for 8yrs now & I need an invigorating, positive change for myself. It’s time for the ‘Night Of The Living Dead’ look to go!

  4. Kristen, I am so sorry to hear you’ve been going through those things but had to comment as I’ve been on a pretty miserable dose of immunosuppresants and steroids too lately! Let’s talk and vent. Want to email or tweet me at @makeovermomma? Here for you girl!

  5. Jen R says:

    2013 is bringing a fresh start for me with a new job starting in january 🙂 @redfuzzycow

  6. Latricia says:

    I want a fresh new start because 2012 has been a hard year for me physically, mentally and emotionally. It has left me feeling so blah, and I am ready for a change.

  7. erin dear says:

    Being a mother of three wonderful kids i sometimes forget to take care of myself. Hoping that the new year will bring new oppurtunities for me to make a change with that. @mummadear

  8. Hopefully I will be starting a new job soon and a fresh start going back into the workforce is much needed!! @UnKatchable73

  9. Mattisa M. says:

    I need a fresh start because I’m a single parent to a daughter diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. It’s gets really hard to just take time out for ME! I need a #FreshStart.

  10. Mattisa M. says:

    RSVP @kwillsmom2

  11. nikki (@nikki2kids) says:

    I want a fresh start for 2013 b/c 2012 has been a rough one for us financially. Anything fresh and new would be an improvement! Rsvp for @nikki2kids

  12. Summer says:

    Great to see you back! I can’t wait for the new year! After 4 1/2 years and 3 surgeries, We are having our first child! I think all these products would help me look fab in the new year with our new family member 🙂

  13. Sandra Conner says:

    I want a fresh start for 2013 because being a mom of 4 kids I rarely take time for myself! I want to put a wee bit of focus on me….eat better, exercise more, and take care of my well being. The best mom is one who also cares for herself 😀

  14. mriveramora says:

    Hmmm….a fresh start, where do I start? 2013 will begin with some tough times (surgery for my son & husband) but I hope when all that is done, we can begin to build a healthy and happy year together as a family.

  15. Stacey ( @stacey5656 ) says:

    I am ready for a fresh start…wanting to lose a little weight to get healthier :):) !!!

  16. Josh ( @tinabarisa ) says:

    Going to start walking and get to feeling better #FreshStart !!

  17. @n210ss says:



  18. @n210ss says:

    I want a fresh start for the new year because I never have ME time! Trying to do more for Me in the upcoming year!


  19. Jillie says:

    I could use a fresh start this year because life has been less than wonderful lately….

    RSVP @mowpow08

  20. Rebecca G says:

    I am so ready to get a fresh start makeover this year. I feel like I have been in a rut for too long. I am 38 & have been in Mommy mode since I was 17. So I forget to put myself on the list. This New Year I am going to focus on ME & become the woman that is waiting to come out…

  21. Rebecca G says:

    OOPS forgot my twitter handle @RUtheMOMof or @RUtheMOMof5

  22. Dinah Farmer says:

    I would looove a #freshstart for the new year because the last 3 years have been horrible! With mom getting sick, a heart condition, and losing her job, losing our home,losing our car, we’ve been living in different places for the past 2 years, a motel then to a friends house then back to a motel again for almost a year. Things have been very rough and a oh so bumby ride. A fresh start would feel amazing! D xoxo

  23. Christine (@justicecw) says:

    I have been having so much general anxiety lately and I really would love to leave all that behind in the new year and start fresh! Thanks for the chance! @justicecw

  24. Cheryl says:

    How perfect! I’d love to be made over! (mid life crisis here!) 🙂 @Tweetin2Shoes RSVP!

  25. Cindy C. says:

    RSVP @cangoninny
    Need a Fresh Start because I have lost 40lbs and am a widow in need of a change.

  26. Amber Y says:

    I’d love a fresh start for the new year because I’ve been in a rut for a while. I haven’t done much to change my hair style or fashion choices in the last decade and I think it’s about time I hit the refresh button 😉


  27. Diana Gee says:

    RSVP @princessducky15

    I think everyone can use a fresh start

  28. Erica Turner says:

    I want a fresh start for 2013 because 2012 has been a struggle emotionally & financially! It’s hard to enjoy life when you’re stressed with the ins and outs of everyday life! Here’s to an awesome 2013 & hoping that all of you that commented before me have a positive spin on your new year! Blessings & love to you all!

  29. Erica Turner says:

    Oh, in my above comment, I meant to type RSVP @emixturner or @emixturner_jail

  30. jeevon kay says:

    I want a fresh start this new year because I’ve been working so hard struggling with house chores, kids and part time work. I would love to look good for my husband and also my newborn baby who’ll be joining us in January
    RSVP @jeevonkay

  31. Paulina P says:

    Ever New Year presents a fresh start to better the previous. This year I want to have more out door adventures with the family.

    RSVP @PaulinaChills

  32. Eve says:

    I want a fresh start because i have a lot of dreams and aspirations that I want to make come true

    RSVP @shopgurljail

  33. Kay C @ACSKay says:

    I’ve become lazy since I’ve been able to work at home for so long. I’m tired of no makeup and living in sweats. I used to look younger than my age and now I look and feel older than my age! I need help.

  34. Terri says:

    So excited for this party! RSVP-ing for @petersterri

  35. Christian Wilson says:

    RSVP @cwilson82985

  36. @nicholemckinnon says:

    I need a fresh start to the year because my style is stuck in the 80’s sadly

  37. @adorablesweetp says:

    I will be there @adorablesweetp. I need a new hair do.

  38. cathi schlosser says:

    i could use a fresh start
    rsvp @blondie_43555

  39. marybeth i says:

    I want a fresh start because I want to live a healthier lifestyle

  40. Elizabeth says:

    RSVP @GoudaCheese007 Could use a new me!

  41. @salute2mom says:

    rsvp @salute2mom, thanks for the chance

  42. Samantha says:


    I want a fresh start to the new year because as a mom with 3 boys I need to be healthier for them as well as myself. I want to be able to be active with them as well as feel good about myself.

  43. @candacki says:

    rsvping for @candacki Can’t wait to talk makeovers!

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