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Celeb Beauty – Debra Messing is a mother, television actress and movie star, but we love her for her casual up do’s and beautiful messy red hair.

  • The Look – A statement up-do that is relaxed, casual and mother appropriate (for any day!)
  • Who This Look Works For – This works for mothers who are short on the time and energy to create perfectly coifed up-do’s or flawlessly engineered French twists (so, um…that’s all of us, right?) It works best on shoulder length or long hair (although if you’re good with styling, it’s possible to create a similar look with shorter strands), and preferably hair with texture (so skip that blow dry entirely!) The thicker, wavier, dirtier or slightly messier you hair is, the better.
  • Make It Work For You – To create volume or thickness in your hair before styling, try Got 2b Styltini Doublt Shot 24 Hour Hair Thickener (distributing as needed). Next, flip your head over and gently message and “fluff” your roots with your fingers to create additional volume and texture (without the harmful process of teasing). Flip upright, and secure the bottom 2/3 of hair into a ponytail with your fingers. Twist your ends and wrap up and under into a semi-French twist (or loose bun if needed), tucking ends underneath and pinning to your head. This look is messy and free, so don’t worry about your exact technique. Next, take the remaining top pieces of hair, begin twisting 2 to 3″ pieces loosely, and pinning back near the base of your ponytail/bun. After you’ve pulled and pinned the top portion of hair (it’s ok for it to not be perfect), be sure to leave a few face framing pieces out for the final effect.
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