Can You Lose Weight By Weighing Your Food?: Spring Makeover Week

Want to learn more about healthy eating (like moms Jennifer Garner and Ellen Pompeo)? Just try this…

It’s Day 2 of our Spring Makeover week! If you buy anything in the Makeover Momma shop today, you can get an exclusive makeover experience…it’s simple:

Today’s Makeover Experience:

* Buy anything from our Makeover Momma Open Sky shop (get 10% off with the code SPRINGMAKEOVER10) & get an exclusive nutritional consultation!

* Although Bailey has worked with many moms, families and women in her past (improving their diet and helping them lose weight), she is going to give you a personal, email consultation…no extra charge!

* Simply submit 1-2 days of your current diet and eating habits, and Bailey (founder of Makeover Momma) will send you a personal, exclusive Top 10 Tips for improving your meals, creating a better diet (or anything else you might need!)

It’s that easy. So whether your get a $5.99 Measure Up Food Journal (to track and improve your diet for three months) or something else- you get this makeover bonus! What could you get today?

You Could Get: Eat Smart Food Scale

Why We Love It: Moms rarely have time to weigh their food, calculate calories or worry about portions, so buying an affordable, efficient food scale can do the work for you. Unlike other bulky food scales, the Eat Smart brand ($27) is petite and effective (helping you become more aware of your portion sizes!) It’s also the ideal way to begin cooking with your children (and teaching them about healthy eating habits). We recommend making fresh fruit smoothies (or healthy salads) by weighing ingredients carefully (hey, it improves those math and counting skills too!)

* Sound Off: Which area of your diet do you need to improve the most?

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