Can You Get A Firm Body From A Cream?: Beauty Product Spotlight

Always working out (like moms Reese Witherspoon and Ellen Pompeo) but want smooth skin? Look at this…

Who doesn’t want firmer skin? And is it really possible to get tighter skin from a simple body cream? We research brand new formulas, to see which lotions get us taut (and which just get us frustrated)…

* Elemis Pro-Collagen Radiantly Smooth Body Cream: Elemis’ product uses a network of proteins and a Micro-Lattice Technology to restore your skin’s cell cohesion to reduce sagging. This results in smoothing out your skin’s textures and contours (therefore producing healthier, younger-looking skin). Plus, this body cream is a potent moisturizer with deep hydrating abilities. In other words? It uses tons of fancy ingredients to smooth our skin (less cellulite) and help you feel slimmer (and who doesn’t want that?)


What does a Real Momma think? Julie Says, “So far, I have really enjoyed using Elemis Body Cream. As I approach my 30th birthday, I am trying to use as many anti-aging products as possible, but I have found that many of them use harsh chemicals – which to me, seems to go against anti-aging as certain chemicals can actually speed up the aging process! Elemis Body Cream is different, though, as it uses a variety of natural products (such as Mexican tree extract and brown seaweed) to help restore skin cells to their youthful condition. I really like that it is neutral in smell, and gives my skin a smooth silky feel and look.”

What other products can slim you down (without greasing you up?) Zero calories and chocolate rarely go hand in hand, but alas, here are two heaven-sent options!

* Nutra-Lift White Chocolate Body Butter: This lotion is a non-greasy, anti-aging formula that includes organic white chocolate in its recipe (and better yet, this sweet-smelling, moisturizing product can be found in the Truth In Aging Open Sky shop. ) It’s full of moisturizing ingredients like aloe vera, seaweed, vitamin C, flavanoids, and guarana… and it’s anti-inflammatory, a natural sunscreen, and full of antioxidants!

* Coco-Zen Chocolate Lotion: Chocolate Milkshake: Anything called “Chocolate Milkshake” can only do good, right? Exactly! This product from Coco-Zen can be found in the Celebrate Green Open Sky shop for only ten dollars (yes, ten dollars!) Organic jojoba oil and refined shea butter create a lotion that leaves skin smooth and sweet- just like a real chocolate milkshake. Indulge yourself, ladies…this lotion won’t go to your thighs.

* What Do You Think: Has a body lotion ever helped you feel firmer?

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