By The Time You Read This Headline, I’m Already Crying: Getting Friendly With Makeover Momma


I am emotional.

And I’m not just emotional because I’m a woman (though that certainly doesn’t help), or because it seems like I sleep an average of three hours per week, but I’m also emotional because of one large, hormone fluctuating reason: motherhood.

To put it simply, being a mother is like living your life on one incredibly twisted love drug (which would probably make me a millionaire if I were a substance pedaling soccer mom on Weeds). I can’t turn on the TV, talk to a friend or hear a song on the radio without thinking about my children, other people’s children, or the latest black and white, slow motion photograph of a starving child that is permanently imbedded in my brain. Case in point: the new iPhone4 commercial (with the deaf man signing “I miss you” to his love, and the soldier in fatigues looking at his expectant wife’s belly via a tiny video screen)…. cinematic genius. I’m sobbing at the end every time.

And my latest party trick is the ability to get choked up during a 60 second movie trailer, no matter who I’m surrounded by or how much I’m embarrassing them. For example, the “Life As We Know It” preview (a romcom with Katherine Heigl and Fergie’s husband) squeezes enough moms dying, baby inheritances, and “eventually learning the true joy behind cleaning up poop and messy bath time” sequences to last me a lifetime. In fact, I may never have to see another full-length film again, because if you squeeze enough baby montages and melodic ballads into the teaser, I’m crying as hard as every jilted Dad in America watching Up. (I mean really, they take their kid to the movie for an excuse to eat popcorn and still get brownie points from the wife, not to have Pixar unexpectedly cheat them out of their manhood in ten minutes or less).

Of course, controlling my emotions as a mom is about as easy as watching my 1-year-old battle between her desire for coloring like a “big girl” with her sister, and her ever-present need for ingesting Crayola. When push comes to shove, why are mothers so darn emotional?

Did we have so many hormones pulsing through our water retaining bodies during nine months of pregnancy that it hard-wired us for life? Or is it because we’re hopped up on more mocha-latte-uppers and just-one-more-glass downers that we’re barely even functioning anymore? Maybe it’s because no matter how old our children grow to be, we can think “my What To Expect book did not tell me to expect this” on an hourly basis.

But in reality, I think mothers aren’t born…we’re made. And we don’t have to go through a birthing process to get there either. Whether we’re holding that infant in our arms for the first time, or meeting our newly adopted teenager at the terminal gate… the induction into motherhood brings a whole lot more than larger loads of laundry and an increase of Sharpie on the couch. It brings the weight of the world. Yet, for every sorrow we feel when we the think of the “what if’s” and the “God forbids” that surround our daily living as protectors of our children…we also gain a deeper understanding of compassion, humanity, forgiveness and (most of all) love.

Of course we might be a bit emotionally unstable on almost any given day of the week, and the catch phrase “Say No To Drugs…Become a Mother” could easily be stamped on our foreheads, but the emotional delusion that we feel is actually a beautiful thing. How else could we look at a colossal mess, and fool ourselves into thinking it’s a learning experience? How could we have honestly analyzed why Caillou is 25 years old and still bald, and consider it time well spent? But most importantly, how could we look at the sleep deprived, moody, Goodwill-wearing mess in the mirror and think, “Well, that was a good day.”

Because for every spilled drink, there is a clean up song. For every tear, there is a shoulder to lean on. And for every exhausting evening, there is a sweet smelling cheek to kiss goodnight.

So if being a mother makes me so cracked out on emotions and feelings that I can’t even turn on the TV or radio without shedding a tear…who cares?

I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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5 comments on “By The Time You Read This Headline, I’m Already Crying: Getting Friendly With Makeover Momma
  1. what an awesome post..thanks for reminding me why I love being a mother

  2. Julie says:

    As always beautiful and poignant – without ‘sugar coating’ the messy but beautiful world of motherhood

  3. Michelle B says:

    Great post. I’ve always been an emotional person. But it’s funny how events in your life can increase the craziness crying.
    Since having Jack, I cry at every single email fwd I get that involves parents and kids. Or anytime I visit a friend with a new baby, I can’t help getting choked up. Many times, I’ve faked a trip to the restroom so they wouldn’t see me crying.
    A very good friend of mine had a baby who had to be in the NICU for many weeks. There wasn’t a time that I thought about my friend and her little baby girl that I didn’t start to cry.
    Then there is my brother who joined the Air National Guard. I can’t even read yet another email fwd about the troops without thinking about my brother and breaking down.
    You have hit the nail on the head with this post. Although I’m 10x more emotional then I was 3 years ago, I don’t care…. 🙂

  4. Thanks everyone! And Michelle…I totally agree! I went to visit my friend Julie in the hospital a couple of years ago (the one who commented above) right after she had her first baby, and I burst into tears the second we left her room. I cried all the way home, because it made me realize I wanted to have another baby (8 months later: we had our second!) ; )

    I’m the same as you!

  5. Michelle B says:

    I remember being newly pregnant and watching the Oscars or something. Whatever one is the end of Feb or early March. Any time the winners thanked their Mother, wives, or children I bawled. Not like, “Oh that’s sweet”. It was non stop crying. Jeremy had no idea what was going on….lol.

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