Burn Calories With Your Shapewear Like Reese Witherspoon and Faith Hill: Real Momma Product Review

Glamorous moms (like Reese Witherspoon and Faith Hill) love wearing shapewear beneath red carpet dresses…would you?

Would you love to wear a tummy-tightening shapewear, that helps you burn 12% more calories per day (just by wearing it?) We jumped at the chance to test out this exciting new ShaToBu shapewear product, and our Real Momma panel had a lot to say on the matter…what do you think?

What Bailey Thinks: “The ShaToBu shapewear is supposed to make your stomach look flatter, thighs smaller (and erase visible panty lines), just like any other form of “girdle” on the market. However, ShaToBu was also created with built in resistance bands, to help you subtly tone your muscles (and burn more calories), the entire time you’re wearing them. Sounds impossible, right? I have always been extremely picky about shapewear (since I’m short waisted, it cuts into my abdomen and makes me look like an ant with a thorax), but I immediately love this after putting it on. I tested it out under one of my slinkiest of dresses, and even my husband said “wow, I can’t even tell you have it on…you don’t look deformed or anything!” Exactly what I wanted to hear…”

What Jenny Thinks: “ShaToBu’s claim to fame is that it’s a workout that you can wear, that you burn extra calories each day just by wearing it. Sounds too good to be true, but I sure hope it’s not. The first day that I wore it, I must admit, it was uncomfortable, but the next day, it felt fine. I’m not sure what the problem was- if my body had to get used to it or if it had to get used to me. Nevertheless, it’s not uncomfortable any more, and if I’m burning all those extra calories, what is there to lose, right?”

What Tara Thinks: “I found ShaToBu to be more comfortable than other shape wear I’ve tried in the past. It creates a smooth silhouette and doesn’t leave any strange lines or bulges.  While it is recommended that one wear ShaToBu every day for maximum calorie burning, I would be most likely to wear this product under a form fitting dress or to fit into some still snug pre-pregnancy pants. I did try ShaToBu with some of my jeans and they fit as if I’d lost an entire size! I think ShaToBu is a great product for post-partum mommas looking to squeeze back into some pre-pregnancy clothing a little sooner. As far as the calorie burning claims, only time will tell if ShaToBu lives up to its advertisements, but any extra calories burned would be an added bonus to this great fitting shape wear! I’d recommend that mamas who are considering purchasing ShaToBu look closely at the size chart. I ordered the correct size but felt that this product runs a little smaller than normal clothing sizes and could feel constrictive if not sized properly.”

What Corey Thinks: “What is great about ShaToBu is it is not just an encasement for your body, it is a reminder to stand tall. In “regular” control top hoses or spanx-they just bind you up, however, ShaToBu improves your posture and stacks everything correctly on top of each other. After wearing them all day, my muscles remembered this feeling when I took them off and I continued to stand tall.”

* What Do You Think: Would you ever want to try the ShaToBu shapewear? Why?

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4 comments on “Burn Calories With Your Shapewear Like Reese Witherspoon and Faith Hill: Real Momma Product Review
  1. Artist says:

    I can;t imagine that this is comfortable. Isn\’t it just better to eat consciously and to move regularly?

  2. It definitely is better to do those things (that’s my “motto”), but it was fun to try- and was definitely the best shapewear I’ve tried. Sometimes when I wear fancy dresses, I hate panty lines- so this was a great fix! : )

  3. VDCHARLOTTE says:

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  4. Ali says:

    I think that’s great, Bailey…I would wear it, under a cute dress that I needed to conceal my imperfections in order to look amazing in!

    I’d love to try them, but the biggest issue there is pricing…shapewear is great, but comes with a hefty price, most times.

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