Build The Perfect Summer Wardrobe With Zero Stress

My Fresh Produce clothes are too comfortable for words…

* Fashion Review Fest of the Week:

I don’t know about you, but I’m not a huge fan of summer clothes. Personally, winter is the best time for fashion because you can layer pieces, play with texture and rarely go wrong. Just think about the variety of accessories in winter alone: scarves, hats, gloves, coats, jackets, wraps, tights, boots… and so on. But in summer? My style imagination is limited to shoes, dresses, and jewelry. Of course I could suffer through the warm weather months, attempting to wear exotic wraps, skinny jeans or boots… but who wants to do that? In the winter I throw on stylish leggings, comfortable sweater boots, or athletic pants if I’m running to the store. But if I want to “scrub it” in the summer, I’m limited to sloppy shorts and tank tops. To put it bluntly, rising temperatures are cramping my closet, and I’m turning to the following solutions for help….

* If You Want To Brighten Up: Fresh Produce Summer Clothing

Fresh Produce is good for more than one thing (and it’s not just making you slim, trim and healthy). This coordinated line of clothing is like a breathe of fresh fashion air. All of the items come in congruent, corresponding colors and styles so that you can mix and match your wardrobe with ease. I can think of tons of different ways to wear this Soleil Dress and Santa Barbara Cardigan (shown at top), and they pair perfectly with tons of other options in the line.

To be honest, I’m a huge fan of colorful dresses and think every mom should own them. They are a brainless, seamless way to get dressed every morning, and can be dressed up with lightweight cardigans or other accessories. One dress can be worn tons of different ways: add a belt one day, wear a lightweight T-shirt underneath the next, or soft wrap another day. If you need something fancier for a cocktail party or fancy BBQ, check out their party dresses (my personal favorite is the Rio Malibu Dress). To top it all off, Fresh Produce ships to over 200 countries, so even worldwide mommas can be comfortably chic. Cool, right?

* If You Want To Protect: Scala Ribbon Sun Hat With SPF 50

I’m a big proponent of sun protection in any form, but have never been afraid of sporting a super crazy, Nicole Kidman, “old lady” hat at the beach. I’d rather look like a tourist from Iceland, than risk exposing my skin to harmful rays from the sun. I loved finding this Scala wide-brimmed hat with built in SPF 50 protection, because it’s very Breakfast At Tiffany’s without being too Golden Girls. And even though my girls won’t stop putting it on their r life-sized Tangled Barbie, I’ve got my name all over it for this summer!

* Sound Off: Which of these summer styles would YOU wear?

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One comment on “Build The Perfect Summer Wardrobe With Zero Stress
  1. Karen says:

    You look beautiful and it looks so comfy! I am going to look into the hat…on bad fibro days if I can’t wash my hair I stick on a hat and this looks wonderful! I am so excited cuz they have plus sizes for me! I love the Windswept Vintage V-Neck dress and Windswept Breeze Dress for me.

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