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   Saving money on fashion is not only important to most busy, budgeted mommas, but it can give us a natural ‘high for the hunt’ like nothing else. That’s why when Makeover Momma recently came across new websites and tips for saving money (or earning cash back) while shopping, we had to share the great news.

  • Build Your Basics — Celebrity mother Sarah Jessica Parker (above) created her fasion line Bitten for Steve and Barry so that every day women could buy affordable basics. So affordable in fact, that everything in the line is under $20. Of course, this is not the place to buy the best quality purse or jacket you can get, but try purchasing simple wardrobe stapels in classic colors and patterns (to create the illusion of luxe). Look for jean jackets, long lean sweaters, stretchy skinny jeans, or basic pea coats, but always purchase 1 to 2 sizes larger than usual.
  • Trade Up, Trade Out — If you ever wished they had a Pawn shop for clothing, search no more! Check out Swap Style.com to list your rarely used or un-used clothing, accessories and shoes to trade with fellow fasionistas. This not only saves you countless amounts of money on wardrobe ADD, but it’s also better for the enviroment (yay, recycling!) Other websites with similiar concepts includd Rehash.com and Dig n’ Swap.com.
  • Baby Steps To Saving — Makeover Momma believes that every little step counts when it comes to exercise…nutrition…and even shopping. The next time you and your signifigant other want to hit a restaraunt for date night (or a private shopping spree for yourself), try looking at Gift Card Rescue.com. Aside from selling or trading your own un-used gift cards (in exchange for a gift card you prefer), you can also simply buy gift cards at lower prices. For exmple, the next time you go on a triple-mocha-latte kick, try purchasing a $50 Starbucks card for only $45. That little saving of $5 (which you would otherwise spend) will add up over time…and so will your fun latte mornings, shopping days and date nights.

*Have more tips or ideas for saving money while shopping? Would you like us to review a budget buy or website? Let us know!

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  1. Even though a Starbucks beckons from every intersection in Los Angeles, pregnant women might want to avoid them. Or, if you do go, stick to decaf. I say this after reading a new study by the British Medical Journal examining the

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