Budget Fashion Challenge — Motherhood Style Contest

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Are you stylish like mother Gwen Stefani, with a cheap twist? Share your tips with us!

The Contest: Share Your Budget Fashion Tips!

What You Do: Makeover Momma is offering it’s readers an exclusive contest, brought to you by the website Jump Start 3D World. As many mothers deal with a difficult economy or pinched paychecks, we want to ask you: “How do you make your old clothing feel like new again?”

Get The Prize: Please write in with comments, advice and suggestions in the month of March (leave comments on the website or email info@makeovermomma.com directly), and you will be hand chosen from our readers to win a three month FREE subscription to the Jump Start family website. This website is the perfect gift for your kids (with educational, 3-D worlds for them to explore online) or to give to your favorite grade-school age neice, nephew or friend.

  We will be sharing the winning advice (as well as some runner-up wisdom) on our website soon…so send in those comments!

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